my 3 daily nutrition commitments i make to myself

As a fitness and workout trainer in Honolulu, Hawaii, it is my mission to get women across the globe to love the bodies they are in and to view FOOD as simply FOOD; not good food or bad food. But, to get there, it takes time. As I coach women out of the deprive-binge cycle, we start with this simple step – identifying 3 daily food eating or food ritual behaviors that they are already doing with ease, that they find keeps them on track throughout the day.

Here is a client testimonial I received the other week for a woman in my #LevelUp program as we spent the last 12 weeks working on both her strength training programming as well as her nutrition following the #Moderation365 approach…

I’m learning a lot about mindful eating from you and from what I’ve experienced the past 3 months knowing that foods are never “off limits” has helped me eat more moderately and mindfully. I’m still a work in progress but I’m much better at eating bcuz of YOU. Thank you so much!!!

-A.N.K., September 15, 2020

And as I walk my talk, here are my 3 nutritional commitments that for me are non negotiable – point.blank.period.

Because I know if I do these 3 things every day, it keeps me at 80% on track toward my wellness goals. 

My 3 are:

1) 64 ounces of water daily

2) Some protein with every snack or meal 

3) A sweet every day to keep my cravings in  check 

What 3 nutritional foods or rituals that you do every day that helps you stay the course? I’m curious to read what yours are!

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