mornings are hectic.

Mornings are hectic. I get it. Over 20 years of working with busy ladies with all sorts of demands (work, chores, kiddos, self-care), I’ve discovered that establishing a solid and simple #mindful morning routine is KEY in creating a solid wellness foundation. My 4 simple steps to an easy morning routine is the FIRST thingContinue reading “mornings are hectic.”

reliable results are never rapid

Reliable results are NEVER Rapid. Don’t fall for the hype of #rapidresultsmax promising a weight loss of up to 17lbs in 4 weeks. Wanna guess what huge #dietindustry giant has put this stake in their ground?* The first one to guess correctly below in the comments will be emailed a special gift! Look, this *same”Continue reading “reliable results are never rapid”

sneak ways to make #exercise a #habit

Sneaky ways to make #exercise a #habit  We all want to do it – exercise and eat right. And we have the BEST intentions, but before we know it, we fall into too many #Netflix binges; we hit #snooze one too many times and it’s months before we begin the exercise contemplation process again –Continue reading “sneak ways to make #exercise a #habit”

is your diet holding you back?

Is your #diet doing more harm than good? My email newsletter drops this morning and in the bi-weekly release – I discuss all things Mindfulness, Movement and Moderation – the 3 tenets of my 3M Method; a success driven blueprint of wellness success for the clients that I coach. And today I talk about howContinue reading “is your diet holding you back?”

a little goes a long way

How do you start your day? If it’s like me when the alarm goes off, I jump out of the bed with BUSY on my mind to tackle my day. THIS is SO common for most of the private clients that I work with too. My one on one clients tell me, “Lee-Ann… “It’s beenContinue reading “a little goes a long way”

are you coachable?

Are you coachable? Look I get it. You hire a trainer for big goals. You’ve tried a bunch of other diets and exercise programs, restricting, depriving, suffering. I’ve been there. A life long weight battle starting as a child. A young woman with no self worth looking for happiness on the scale. Seven months killingContinue reading “are you coachable?”

wow, you are really expensive

“Wow, working with #honolulupersonaltrainer is really expensive…” It’s funny how often I hear this when people inquire about working with me. Well, that depends on what your priorities are then.If you prioritize your health and wellness, then nope, that STUFF is PRICELESS. But, if you KIND OF want to get healthy with a KINDA sortContinue reading “wow, you are really expensive”

“for how hard I work, I should look different”

I used to say this to myself all of the time. Heck, I’ve even had a few strangers tell me the same (rude, I know). HAVE YOU EVER SAID THIS TO YOURSELF? As your #honolulupersonaltrainer, I really help my ladies achieve MORE by doing way LESS. Because SOMETIMES, doing more is the #major reason youContinue reading ““for how hard I work, I should look different””

do i allow my ladies #cheatmeals?

As a #honolulupersonaltrainer, I am often asked my opinion on “cheat meals” and if I allow my clients to have them.  I don’t allow or deny my clients anything. I work alongside them to create the best #musclesandmoderation plan for them. I do not believe in “cheat meals” because they perpetuate the “forbidden” food thinkingContinue reading “do i allow my ladies #cheatmeals?”

do these 2 things for #food and #fitness #succcess

Think about these TWO things to set yourself up for food and fitness success! These TWO things have been the focal point of my entire coaching career as I help hundreds of women stop yo-yo dieting using my #musclesandmoderation approach. #1. Exercise should NOT be used as a punishment and you shouldn’t beat yourself up becauseContinue reading “do these 2 things for #food and #fitness #succcess”