weight regain, rebound and self loathing

The number one reason why diets fail?  👉🏾 the restriction is too much too soon for too long  I know this vicious cycle all too well.  As a #chronicdieter for DECADES, I paid a hefty price to hold an “average” weight (155lbs) with a higher body fat (29%) despite a shit ton of calorie restrictionContinue reading “weight regain, rebound and self loathing”

“lifting weights will make me big”

I remember when I started my live and die by the scale dieting in 1997. Jenny Craig told me not to lift weights because we were focused on hitting that magical number on the scale. I am sure it’s different now, but I remember all of these statements running through my head. And it’s comeContinue reading ““lifting weights will make me big””

are you in a weight loss plateau?

Can you guess the ONE word that dieters absolutely dread? It starts with the letter P… Not yet? It’s PLATEAU! I get it completely. When trying to lose weight, if the scale ain’t moving, you feel STUCK, defeated, doubtful, and overwhelmed. And sadly enough, this is the time when I see clients throw in theContinue reading “are you in a weight loss plateau?”

hormonal fat loss players

Is losing body fat an uphill battle for you? Does it feel like you just can’t seem to lose weight despite exercising and eating right? You could say these last 5 years have been a hormonal roller coaster for me personally.  At 36 years old, I was told I was approaching menopause while I enduredContinue reading “hormonal fat loss players”

my fat loss formula part 3

Aloha Friday Tribe! Have you been reading my Fat Loss Series? To recap: =Fat Loss Part 1 covered common but incorrect Fat beliefs  =Fat Loss Part 2 discussed how STRESS affects fat loss (hormones) So today in Fat Loss Part 3, I want to share the way I go about helping my clients with fatContinue reading “my fat loss formula part 3”

lifting weights and NOT seeing results?

Lifting weights and NOT seeing results? Are you constantly putting in the work but continue to feel like you’re not really seeing any reward? You’re not alone. Here’s the thing, for most of us…It’s not lack of effort. It’s not lack of consistency. It’s not lack of motivation.IT’S A LACK OF PROPER NUTRITION! Ladies, listenContinue reading “lifting weights and NOT seeing results?”

5 minute quickie movement for you!

Got 5 minutes? Sure you do! You are here on the net after all! Save this quickie movement series and be share to share with a friend. You can do this anywhere and all it will take is 5 minutes! You will feel SO GOOD after this, I promise! Remember, something is always better thanContinue reading “5 minute quickie movement for you!”

“you should lose some weight…”

👉🏾We can’t control the opinions of others in regard to our weight or body shape. I’m 5’3” and have lived my whole life being told I should weigh less. 👉🏾We can’t control the BMI chart most Docs still advise by. And as a more muscular but short female, I’ve had a GI Doc suggest losingContinue reading ““you should lose some weight…””

“no matter what I do, I can’t seem to lose weight.”

When women apply to work with me, they all write this same sentence on my intake form: “No matter what I do, I can’t seem to lose weight.” Over the years, I’ve compiled a list of strategies to help these women get started and I wanted to share the same steps with all of you!Continue reading ““no matter what I do, I can’t seem to lose weight.””

should you train differently as you age?

This pic is my first #triathlon race when I decided in my 20s to chase the number on the scale through endurance exercise. If I could tell this woman all the stuff I’ve learned now.  Do you remember your 20s? Do you remember what exercises you were doing or if you were exercising at all?Continue reading “should you train differently as you age?”