Why is it harder for women to lose fat?

These past two weeks for me have been BLAH…

—> scale has stayed between 156-157lbs despite my best efforts

—> energy has been LOW and motivation lacking

—> I’ve just been tired and really not into it 

—> body has been more sore after lifts than usual, not recovering as good as I am used to

SO…during my weekly pow wow check in with my Coach @janellefitmarks , she asked me what phase of my cycle I was in and then the LIGHT BULB 💡 WENT OFF! 

Geesh, I can’t believe as a Coach myself I didn’t think about this all being tied back to my hormonal state! 

WELP, she hit the nail 🔨 in the head 🧠. I was smack dab in the Luteal Phase and I had the classic symptoms. 

So the next time you are moving and grooving 💃🏽🕺🏾along in your food 🍱 and fitness 🏋🏽‍♀️ journey, feeling great, motivated getting it in and checking ✅ off all th boxes 📦 and then BAM – you start catching all the feels, use this handy reference chart to see where you fall so that you can pivot if necessary! 

Quick take aways: 

Follicular phase: Days 1-14

-Focus on performance & train hard

-Increased endurance & power output

-Body uses carbs like a rock star!

Ovulation: Day 14

 -Strongest physically here

-But prone to injury so focus on form

-Sugar & carb cravings high

-Keep protein intake high here

Luteal: Days 15-28

-Hardest on women

-Tired, irritable, low energy all over

-Extreme sugar & carb cravings

-Focus on lighter training & active recovery

-Body is primed to burn the most fat

-Body is at its lowest for processing sugar and carbs here

-Tend to experience the most water retention here

-Hunger and carb cravings at their highest point, while body is at its lowest point to use these nutrients efficiently.

Was this helpful? 🔥👍🏾 be sure to share and save so you can refer to this sheet to aid you in your food and fitness journey. ❤️⭐️🔥

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