build a stronger process

By definition, the word process means “a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.” But, can we agree that not all processes are created equal? Just because you have a process of doing something doesn’t mean that your process is effective, ya know? Look at the billion programs “processes”Continue reading “build a stronger process”

exposure therapy + my current physique

Exposure therapy. Have you heard of this? It’s doing something you’re uncomfortable with repeatedly over time with the idea that this repeated exposure eventually decreases one’s discomfort. I’m into it cuz this is the exact process I’ll do with myself with the scale. If I don’t go on the scale for months, the first hundredContinue reading “exposure therapy + my current physique”

scales, cups and spoons

Had a couple of macro calls today and this question came up: Can I use a measuring cup instead of a food scale?  Yes you can because if you’re trying to keep portions in check, any measurement is better than no measurement — or eating right out of the bag, right?  For my tribe, IContinue reading “scales, cups and spoons”

crossing the finish line was the wrong goal 

When I stopped focusing on the finish line, stuff started to fall into place.  I spent over 20 years chasing a literal finish line racing triathlon. My coach would always remind us that race day, coming across the finish line – all that would be the icing on the cake. The meat of it, theContinue reading “crossing the finish line was the wrong goal “

most times, it will feel like an uphill battle.

Most times, it will feel like an uphill ⛰ battle.  You’ll want to stop. Give up. Throw in the towel. Quit.  You’ll tell yourself it isn’t worth it. It’s too much effort. You won’t get what you want. But you push through anyway.  I just had a convo with my client Sonya today.  She’s doingContinue reading “most times, it will feel like an uphill battle.”

i was doing it all wrong.

I used to truly believe that getting into great shape required lots of suffering.  👉🏾starvation diets to lose body fat 👉🏾🤑 on expensive supplements  👉🏾program hopping to shock body 👉🏾endless hours spent on cardio  👉🏾obsessing over perfect eating  I spent a long time thinking all of that 👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾was simply my genetic destiny (thanks mom &Continue reading “i was doing it all wrong.”

why exercise and diet can sometimes be bad for you

For a good chunk of my 20s and 30s, I lived with severe refractory #ulcerativecolitis. And all that time, I thought I was doing an excellent job of faking it. My clients and those close to me knew better. I spent far too long putting being sick “on hold” until my stomach disease told meContinue reading “why exercise and diet can sometimes be bad for you”

my big #petpeeve as a #honolulupersonaltrainer

My biggest #professional #petpeeve is when trainers treat their clients all the same…sell them packages, put them into groups and give them the same workout.  I’ve been in the commercial gym space for over 20 years.  And it’s a shame that I see a cookie cutter approach performed time and again… trainers coaching the sameContinue reading “my big #petpeeve as a #honolulupersonaltrainer”

fellow cardio queens, where you at?

The gym crew gave me two nick names: “CardioQueen” because I would spend 90 minutes on the stair master every day.  “24CycleQueen” because I taught 7 spin classes per week at my gym. I was a #cardioaddict for sure. And as such, I’ve suffered the consequences from exercising my body into the ground – leavingContinue reading “fellow cardio queens, where you at?”

weight regain, rebound and self loathing

The number one reason why diets fail?  👉🏾 the restriction is too much too soon for too long  I know this vicious cycle all too well.  As a #chronicdieter for DECADES, I paid a hefty price to hold an “average” weight (155lbs) with a higher body fat (29%) despite a shit ton of calorie restrictionContinue reading “weight regain, rebound and self loathing”