a focus on weight can only do so much, can only take you so far…

Read that caption again 👈🏾

Your food and fitness journey can’t ONLY be about how you look 👀.

At some point, all this stuff we do has to be about MORE.

I learned this the hard, long way…

Don’t get me wrong. I really ❤️ looking toned and fit; feeling good in my clothes and confident in my body. But at the end of the day, exercise, being consistent with my lifts and macros, feeling STRONG… those are the habits that have transformed me WAY BEYOND what I see in the mirror 🪞.

And I’ve discovered that there’s something specifically about weight training that lends us confidence to do other hard things, too. It builds our self-assurance.

So while your method may begin with a physical goal like weight loss, over time you’ll learn that this is much more about getting your head right too.

You may discover that at times, the more change you get, the better results physically you achieve may initially leaving you feel more insecure and not good enough. You may forget just how far you’ve come. And that’s where strength training comes into play.

Your strength is purely dependent upon lifting heavier weight over time. If you keep at it, this will 💯 happen.

As you get physically stronger, your mindset gets stronger too. Then you’ll want to lift more. You’ll become more consistent and so the cycle begins…

Moving your body. Pushing, pulling and pressing heavy stuff is always there for you. On good days. Bad days. Ho-hum days.

So babe – the next time you feel blue, get under a heavy barbell and work through that with some weight. 💪🏾

THIS is what it’s all about.

Let’s make it Day 1 for you! No matter where we are now, we ALL STARTED with a Day 1.

I’m accepting clients for September – December.

See you there? Time is running out! DM me!

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