are you a perpetual #dieter?

Many of my tribe have gone through lifetime dieting, myself included.  It took me well over two decades as a female chasing the scale and as a Oahu based personal trainer in Honolulu to realize that I was approaching weight loss all wrong – and the very reason why i wasn’t seeing the results IContinue reading “are you a perpetual #dieter?”

3 ingredient protein bites

Yep – only 3 ingredient Protein Bites that are out of this world! These are perfect for snacks and / or dessert! Made in just one bowl and requires 10 minutes or less of your time is the perfect pair for busy ladies on the go! You can certainly adjust and play around with theContinue reading “3 ingredient protein bites”

mornings are hectic.

Mornings are hectic. I get it. Over 20 years of working with busy ladies with all sorts of demands (work, chores, kiddos, self-care), I’ve discovered that establishing a solid and simple #mindful morning routine is KEY in creating a solid wellness foundation. My 4 simple steps to an easy morning routine is the FIRST thingContinue reading “mornings are hectic.”

what’s the best #supplements for #weightloss?

As THE Honolulu Personal Trainer was asked this the other day: “What’s the best supplements for weight loss?” And it triggered my UH Manoa college years; memories of practically ODing on #ephedra; Proud of being dizzy from hunger and too much #dietfuel Confident that my stomach growls and burps of herbal disgustingness were experienced asContinue reading “what’s the best #supplements for #weightloss?”

sneak ways to make #exercise a #habit

Sneaky ways to make #exercise a #habit  We all want to do it – exercise and eat right. And we have the BEST intentions, but before we know it, we fall into too many #Netflix binges; we hit #snooze one too many times and it’s months before we begin the exercise contemplation process again –Continue reading “sneak ways to make #exercise a #habit”

a little goes a long way

How do you start your day? If it’s like me when the alarm goes off, I jump out of the bed with BUSY on my mind to tackle my day. THIS is SO common for most of the private clients that I work with too. My one on one clients tell me, “Lee-Ann… “It’s beenContinue reading “a little goes a long way”

are you coachable?

Are you coachable? Look I get it. You hire a trainer for big goals. You’ve tried a bunch of other diets and exercise programs, restricting, depriving, suffering. I’ve been there. A life long weight battle starting as a child. A young woman with no self worth looking for happiness on the scale. Seven months killingContinue reading “are you coachable?”

wow, you are really expensive

“Wow, working with #honolulupersonaltrainer is really expensive…” It’s funny how often I hear this when people inquire about working with me. Well, that depends on what your priorities are then.If you prioritize your health and wellness, then nope, that STUFF is PRICELESS. But, if you KIND OF want to get healthy with a KINDA sortContinue reading “wow, you are really expensive”

how to quit snacking at night

In case you didn’t get it, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO EAT AT NIGHT. *THIS* is one of those MANY #dumbdietrules out there. Snacking is a-ok. Dieting has brain washed us to eat according to a clock, a meal plan or a schedule, ignoring our internal body and hunger cues. Snacking gives us great data onContinue reading “how to quit snacking at night”

“for how hard I work, I should look different”

I used to say this to myself all of the time. Heck, I’ve even had a few strangers tell me the same (rude, I know). HAVE YOU EVER SAID THIS TO YOURSELF? As your #honolulupersonaltrainer, I really help my ladies achieve MORE by doing way LESS. Because SOMETIMES, doing more is the #major reason youContinue reading ““for how hard I work, I should look different””