week 26 update for the WBFF entertainment bikini show in Miami on Nov 11 hosted by allison and paul dillett

Week 26 update!

Weight: 136.2lb
Waist: 24.75”
Hips: 35.50”
Thigh: 18.75”

As a 46 year old woman, my cycles have gotten funky. I’m due for a cycle as I hope this scale weight bump up indicates, but of course, Ms. Monthly is late to the party. I’ve had all the ususl “symptoms” including the drastic bump up in scale weight. So now I wait and see.

Which pretty much sums up my process of prepping for the @wbffentertainment show in Miami on November 11. As of now, there’s 15 weeks out.

Thanks for reading!

Here’s my 3M Method:

“Stay the course and trust the process.” So many people have told me they see a huge difference. When you are the one in it, maybe not so much. But at this point, I have complete trust that my body will do what I ask for it if I give it time and space to do so.

3L 120gC/40gF/150gP
4H 170gC / 35gF / 150gP

Lift 4x per week
1x metcon per week
10k daily steps
35 min daily cardio 70-75% HR

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