the power of now, from polio to powerful

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Here’s a great photo of me running into one of my online Hawaii-based clients yesterday.

Arlene was diagnosed with Polio as an 8-month old infant and has worked through physical limitations from this her entire life.

She reached out to me because she has noticed that her strength in her good leg is weakening from the effects of being sedentary during COVID.

After a short 2 weeks of working with me in our LevelUp Online customized program, she did a 10 minute walk outdor to my house to bring me honey!

She was so HAPPY that she was able to do this simple activity; simple movement that most of us take for granted.

Arlene told me, “Lee-Ann, can you believe I walked here from my house for 10 minutes and I have no pain? I am so happy. I can’t believe it.”

Babes, don’t underestimate the power of movement. Health is wealth! And no, you don’t have to age the way society tells you are going to age! You CAN do it radically different. You can change the story and you CAN THRIVE in middle age and beyond! Look at Arlene, she is doing it!

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