week 27 of my WBFF Miami prep as a 46 year old woman with an ostomy

Week 27 7.31.23
Weight: 136.4lb
Waist: 24.75”
Hips: 35.50”
Thigh: 18.50”

This week’s been anything but smooth. My cycle was very late to join the party so my Coach @janellefitmarks gave me a daily boost of carbs to help it along. And what do ya know? It worked!

My entire journey with @thewonderwomenofficial thus far has been very educational and interesting. Our bodies are AMAZING gang!

We can push and diet. We can eat more and do less cardio. We can take rest days and focus on steps. And our bodies always show up!

My biggest takeaway this last week when the scale has been up up up has been this:

I TRUST my body. I TRUST my process. And I TRUST @janellefitmarks.

I used to always think my body was against me. I bullied my body often for it not “looking” the way I thought it should. When I released all that 💩 talk, I feel much lighter.

Our bodies know exactly what they need to do to keep us grooving along.

No cut in food or bump in cardio yet. This has been a great stress reliever to have started this back in January. No cramming for me. And that has made ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

I do believe a cut is coming tho and I get to choose. Food or cardio?

Whatcha think babes? I’m leaning toward cardio this time around. 😆

Thanks for reading!

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