Over the years, as a “gym” trainer I rebelled against the fitness model. Exercise was ONE small piece of a much bigger picture. And so my 3M Method was born to help you break free from trendy diets and weight loss programs. Learn more here.

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Don’t let your mind bully your body!
My mission?
I am a Hawaii based Personal Trainer helping women ages 35 plus to break free from from trendy diets and mass produced fat-loss programs. I believe in a sustainable approach to body transformation that works for the individual. I’m the person people come to when nothing else works. I give you the real world tools to unlock your full potential and the support, accountability, and personalized customization you need to be successful long-term.

How will WE do this?
My Three M Method – Mind, Move and Moderation. You have the power to destroy your inner bully. Through our Mindfulness work together, you will determine your true WHY on embarking on this journey with me. Through Movement, we will always honor your body and move in ways that feel the best for you. Through our Moderation practice, we will honor your body’s hunger, energy and cravings where you will never restrict food again. Let me help get you there – I got you sis!

Our goals?
With my approach and guidance, you will settle into a wellness lifestyle that is effortless. You will not be spending endless hours doing cardio trying to burn off food you shouldn’t have eaten. Instead, you will exercise at a level that works best for both your body and your mind. You will allow yourself all foods which will help to balance your energy and your cravings. You will learn how to finally let go of the trendy diets, the detox plans, the juice fasts, the low carb craze, all of it! You will live up to your full potential. You will surmount your challenges regardless of their scale. You will create habits that allow you to live the life of your dreams. You will break free from extreme measures and self-doubt. This is much more than food and fitness. THIS the rest of your life.