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Beautiful Wahine

Personalized coaching, nutrition,
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community, and so much more!

This principal program is designed to truly transform your lifestyle and help you find a sustainable approach that works for you long term. This all-in one-on-one coaching program is dedicated to not only changing how you look and feel, but also teaching you how to find balance – becoming happy, healthy, and fit for a lifetime. Your transformation starts today, let’s do it together.

This signature 12-week online lean muscle building program gives you the best of both worlds – access to a real live Personal Trainer with the flexibility to access your workouts anywhere at any time using my True Coach online platform. This program will increase your strength, improve your fitness performance and change the shape of your body. No gym access is required. We work with what you have access to and no previous strength training or weight lifting experience is required! If you want to transform your body into a lean muscle building machine this program is for you!

$750 for 12 weeks

In order to be successful in anything you do you MUST be consistent. So think about one self care goal you want more than anything! A health goal that you’ve been working towards for a minute but you just seem to keep falling off the wagon. Now that you’ve got your goal in mind, join Switching Gears, my DIY 30 day self-care consistency challenge that will keep you doing the thing every day for 30 days! I promise you will do more in these 30 days than you have done in the last 3 months!

$30 for 30 days

This signature body weight strength training “Fit in 15” series is a compilation of (35) body weight video demo workouts instructing you how to create your 15 minute strength routine for the day. Over the course of 5 weeks and 35 workouts, I teach beginners how to strength train using only their body weight. No equipment required. No experience required. This is a progressive strength and core program for women who want to nail down their fitness routine once and for all while learning the absolute best way to change their body shape – with strength training!

$97 for the Bundle (Blueprint + Video Demo Series)

We are in it together! If you are here, I know you are ready for change and my friend, this was meant to be. Helping women create their happiest, most balanced and best version of themselves is my entire life’s mission. If you are ready to break free from extreme exercise, food obsession, gaining and losing those same 10-20 pounds, or are overwhelmed because you just don’t know where to start, I am here to help.  Not sure what service makes the most sense for you?  Just want to chat to make sense of what is going through your mind? Let’s do it! I’m only a phone call away. Schedule a completely FREE manifestation call by simply clicking the link below to book our call date!

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