don’t be like Kimberly

Let me tell you about “Kimberly.” Kimberly has struggled with weight for years. As a mom, she’s always putting her family first. She’s tired of giving this diet and exercise thing a good go without ever seeing the results.  She’s tired of the hamster wheel: She’ll make some serious progress — getting this close toContinue reading “don’t be like Kimberly”

short bodyweight workout benefits

You may be stuck at home, stressed, trying to figure out what the heck to do.Maybe you are way busier than you were, since now you have children to home school, work to be done and a household to run. Here are my TOP reasons WHY short duration, bodyweight workouts are the BEST! #1. BodyweightContinue reading “short bodyweight workout benefits”

5 minute metcon #stayathome

Stuck at home? This is a 5 minute DIY workout for REALLY ANY LEVEL. Subscribe to my ig @leeannwatanabe to get 2-3 FREE workouts per week. Message me NOW to get in on my 5 day #consistency challenge #onthehook starting on Monday! It’s a fun way for our private group to stay sane during this difficult time. It’s absolutelyContinue reading “5 minute metcon #stayathome”

15 minute booty workout

Hello Booty! Yes, this is a booty focused workout. The goal is to build strength, aesthetic muscles, power, and a strong booty 🙂 This is one workout a part of my 4-week booty builder program. Workout duration: 15 min Commitment: 2x/week for 4 weeks Experience level: from beginner to savage Goal: lower body development Bonus:Continue reading “15 minute booty workout”

“however long the night, the dawn will break.”

“However long the night, the dawn will break.” – African Proverb Flag this post, take a pic and save. Sometimes we need a reminder. That others feel what we feel. No matter how dark. How hopeless. Check out my full post on my YouTube channel. 30 min real talk. All the ugly and how withContinue reading ““however long the night, the dawn will break.””

my gift to you calm in chaos

i give you permission…

I GIVE YOU PERMISSION… I hope this post finds you healthy, staying sane, and not too stir crazy. As a wellness coach, I’m struggling to find the best way to help people during this time. So, I’ve asked others, “What are you really struggling with?” And all the replies have a common theme – It comes downContinue reading “i give you permission…”

stay home and MOVE #WithMe

Stay tuned for my weekly FREE workouts! This is Workout #2 – Abs & Arms Assault of my FREE 25 minute live fitness trainings for you to do out of the comfort of your own home! Stay Home and MOVE #WithMe! This is a small part I can give back to my community during this difficultContinue reading “stay home and MOVE #WithMe”

live workouts during trying times

Today was my first go at live fitness training. I’m definitely a work in progress! BUT, I promise this will only get better! Save the date to join me 2-3x per week as I present LAW’s LIVE fitness video training from the comfort of your home! All levels; all abilities and NO equipment required (altho’Continue reading “live workouts during trying times”