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Gain lean muscle and lose fat without losing your mind


You can easily lose weight—once you know how.

Aloha, I’m Lee-Ann! I’ve helped hundreds of women understand their bodies, master their nutrition, and finally drop weight in a way that works for them. In my 6-month LevelUP LIFEstyle program, you’ll learn how to properly fuel your body with proper nutrition, customized macros-based nutrition. Additionally, you will have access to a progressive overload strength-training program to help you get consistent with your fitness and build lean muscle.

You’re not alone in your weight loss journey.

Since I founded the 3M Method over 20 years ago, I’ve seen countless women be discouraged about their bodies. Tired of being on the diet roller coaster of weight loss and weight gain. All of their old diet and exercise tricks no longer worked no matter how much they restricted calories. That’s why I created LevelUP LIFEstyle—an affordable way to get the direction of 1:1 coaching, the accountability of a group environment, and the educational tools and fitness and foot habits that you can keep up for life because you ENJOY the way you eat and the way you move! xoLA

Say yes to a transformed body.

Get a body that makes you proud.

LevelUP LIFEstyle will EMPOWER you to care for your body with nutrition and movement you enjoy. I’ve done it myself and for many other women who have trusted my 3M Method:
Mindset + Macros + Movement

Get the resources, accountability, and direction for success.

LevelUP LIFEstyle is the perfect combination of 1:1 coaching, 6-month muscle-building fitness program, group accountability, and self-paced nutrition education. Here’s what’s included:

  • WEEKLY 1:1 GROUP COACHING CALLS Regular live coaching and accountability to give you personalized guidance and keep you consistent with your habits and goals.

  • 6-MONTH LEAN MUSCLE-BUILDING PROGRAM Build lean muscle, transform your physique, and stay accountable to a regular fitness routine with my complete LevelUp Online program! True Coach online private account with video demos, weekly training plans, and exercise modifications as needed are all INCLUDED!

  • ACCESS TO NUTRITION EDUCATION MODULES & TRAININGS Master your nutrition, hormones, and metabolism, so you can responsibly and sustainably transform your physique with the help of macro education, mineral balancing, and mindset shifts.

  • OPTION TO RUN ONE-OFF FUNCTIONAL TESTING Get answers and personalized recommendations by running comprehensive hormone, mineral, and/or gut testing for a more targeted approach to your health and physique goals! This testing options are not included and can be done for additional cost.

  • 6 MONTHS OF COACHING & COMMUNITY SUPPORT Real time access to Lee-Ann and our group of likeminded women via WhatsApp chat, so you can always get answers to your questions, advice, and support to keep you accountable and motivated for the long-term!

Is LevelUp Lifestyle for you?

—>You’re frustrated that what worked in your 20s no longer works for you
—>You’re discouraged by a lack of results despite eating healthy, exercising & tracking macros
—>You’re confused about how you should be eating and exercising for your body composition goals and energy needs, especially at this phase of your life
—>You think you might have some sort of hormonal or metabolic damage that is preventing you from losing weight
—>You want an affordable option for learning about hormones, metabolism, body recomposition, macros, and sticking with a fitness routine
—>You’re ‘stuck’ and want an actual plan to move forward
—>You like having the support of a coach and group when it comes to accountability
—>You’re tired of having an all-or-none mentality with diet and fitness
—>You’re sick of starting over again and again and want a long-term solution

Never worry about weight loss again.
Here’s what our 6 months of education will cover.

Spots are limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the investment to join? (6) Payments of $600 + tax. If you pay in full, you’ll get a 15% discount so your investment would be $3,060 which is just $510 + tax per month

Q: When does this program start? Our first get-started Zoom call will be your official day 1 of the rest of your life!

Q: Why is this program 6-months? Over the last 20 years of training women 40+, I’ve found that 6 months is a length that works great for the both of us: It’s a long enough time for us to work together and commit to see big results and wins with your overall health and physique. Remember, this is a LIFESTYLE, not a 12 week fad diet or quick fix program.

Q: I just signed up, now what? You will receive a client packet with forms to complete. Upon receiving your completed forms and your payment for this program, you will receive an email invitation from True Coach to register for your very own LevelUp Lifestyle client portal. You will also receive your LevelUp and Macros Made Easy Get Started Guides with your first homework assignments.

Q: How long do I have access to my LevelUp Lifestyle and True Coach client portal? You will have access to these online accounts for the duration of your 6-month program and will continue to have access as long as you maintain a LevelUp Lifestyle membership after your 6-month program is completed.

Q: What equipment do you need for the workouts? Your workout program will require at least 2 sets of dumbbells: a heavy pair and a moderate-to-light pair. Of course, the more equipment you have, the better! But, if you only have one pair of dumbbells available to you, you can absolutely complete this program! You can always substitute a kettlebell, resistance bands, or a barbell for a dumbbell where appropriate. But, you have ME (Lee-Ann) to help you modify or progress any moves based on what you have! If you will purchase a pair of dumbbells, I recommend getting something in the 8-20lb range. Two sets of dumbbells are ideal – one heavier (20-45lbs) and one lighter (5-15lbs).

Q: Can I do this program if I have food sensitivities, allergies or are vegan or vegetarian? Yes, of course you can! This is why I LOVE macros-based nutrition because you will only eat the foods YOU enjoy! No cutting out any food groups here!

Q: Can I do this program if I live / work outside of the U.S.A? Yes, this is online training and all materials, coaching and resources will be delivered or hosted virtually!

Q: What if I cannot attend the live coaching calls? This is not a problem at all. All of our coaching calls will be recorded so you can watch them when it is convenient for you, and there will be group voice messaging and a Facebook community for additional communication and support.

Q: Will Lee-Ann be coaching me? Yes! You will see my face for 90% of the calls and communication inside LevelUp LIFEstyle! On occasion, you will hear from the coaches on my team as well as guest speakers on a variety of topics. 

Q: What is your refund policy? I want you to LOVE this program, so there is a 14-day money back guarantee. If you try it out and it’s not for you, email me at  leeann.watanabe@gmail within 2 weeks of your purchase, and we will refund your full investment.

Q: Do I have to track my food in an app? YES! This is NON-NEGOTIABLE! You will have to track your food in My Macros Plus. That is the ONLY app that I use for my clients. You will have to weigh and measure your food using a food scale (not measuring cups or not spoons or no eye balling portions or no visual macros). You will have to meal prep and grocery shop. Your results are 99.9% dependent upon your nutrition, so if you are not willing to follow my Macros Made Easy program to the “T,” then this program is not the program for you.

Got a question? Send us an email at leeann.watanabe@gmail.com



Trust me, this approach to MINDSET, MACROS AND MOVEMENT will be a game-changer for you!

LevelUP Lifestyle Transformation Program

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