why maintaining your weight loss is way harder than losing weight

Being in maintenance needs more AIR TIME! 🎤 📺 📻

When you’re in a deficit, fat loss is a goal.

When you’re in a surplus, muscle building is a goal.

When you’re in maintenance, you feel like you’re at a STANDSTILL.

When I work with women in maintenance, this seems like too much of a gray area for them.

They tell me “This is where I’m supposed to stay; just live here?”

And they feel quite lost for a period of time.

To support them through this phase, here are a few tips I offer that you can use if you are in maintenance and struggling:

1. In maintenance you can loosen your control over food habits. You may enjoy more social meals. You will enjoy more food. BUT this isn’t the phase to LOSE control. All the habits you do in a deficit are THE SAME HABITS you do while in maintenance. #doisoundlikeabrokenrecordyet

2. Sit down with yourself and map out some new maintenance goals. I highly recommend focusing on specific strength goals during your maintenance phase. Set bench, hip thrust, barbell row, squat, deadlift, push up and pull up goals. Be specific. Name the rep goal. Name the weight goal. Progress your strength goals week by week. If you are getting stronger, you are building muscle!

3. Set your expectations. I give my gals a maintenance range of 8-10lbs. And yep, they all freak out. That’s why I spend A LOT of time with each of them discussing mindset. Navigating this time and being a sounding board that LISTENS to their struggles, thoughts and feelings. We work through them together.

If you know these 3 key benchmarks going to maintenance, you’ll less likely freak out when the scale or metrics ticks up ⬆️.

Because really, if you are well-fed and fueled for your activities, your body will definitely go through some recomp while in maintenance! After all, maintenance is where you should LIVE most of your life (not on a diet!).

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