fat loss isn’t what you think

When it comes to fat loss, many people tend to focus on areas that truly have the least amount of importance for long-term, sustainable results. When you hear the words ‘Fat Loss’…what does your mind immediately think? Most of my clients tell me in order to LOSE FAT, they need to do ALL OF THIS: EatContinue reading “fat loss isn’t what you think”

shark week cheat sheet = eating on your period…

Most women know their cycle changes how they eat. As a female, you may have cravings or feel hungry all the time and you feel BAD about it! Instead of seeing these eating changes as a normal part of your cycle, you may instead think of it as a personal shortcoming or lack of willpower.Continue reading “shark week cheat sheet = eating on your period…”

what to do after a binge

Have you ever wondered what to do after a binge? We have all been there – whether it is eating too much food at a family party, using the weekend as an excuse to eat lots of takeout or over indulging during the holidays! It can be so easy to overeat despite our best intentions.Continue reading “what to do after a binge”

are you a STRESS eater?

Working with hundreds of women over my 20+ years in the wellness industry, I see one thing in common – emotional eating; eating out of stress, anxiety, boredom, sadness, anger, etc. etc. etc is always listed as one of the top 3 issues facing them; issues they hope to improve. And no doubt, NOW isContinue reading “are you a STRESS eater?”

why hiring a 1:1 coach is beneficial

Oftentimes, people fail on mass diet programs because they do not offer customization, and often overlook your specific needs. If you have been struggling with your weight loss for years or can’t seem to overcome the mindset hurdles needed for lasting weight loss, then my 1:1 coaching option is a GREAT fit for you! HavingContinue reading “why hiring a 1:1 coach is beneficial”

female fitness myths – the lies the industry tells you

Female Fitness Myth #1: You can TONE your muscle: Toning muscles does not exist. You either are building muscle or breaking down muscle; a muscle gets stronger or it gets weaker. Toning is a total marketing term along with the other lies the industry tells like when fitness programs tell you can achieve long andContinue reading “female fitness myths – the lies the industry tells you”

sick of losing & gaining the same weight?

When clients first start working with me, they are always ready to lose weight for good, improve their body composition, and break free from yo-yo dieting. And like so many of you, my clients have tried many other programs over the years; but, have never experienced lasting success with any of them. My approach withContinue reading “sick of losing & gaining the same weight?”

5 fit over 30 commandments to live buy

Don’t skip the warm-up: As we age, our muscles and tendons become less flexible and more subject to injury. A solid 10- to 15-minute warmup of light motion (not static stretching, which can actually cause damage when done cold) helps counteract that unavoidable truth. It’s time to start thinking of the warmup not as a thing you do beforeContinue reading “5 fit over 30 commandments to live buy”

food n fit faq friday

Today, I answer the most common food and fitness questions I receive. Here ya go! Q1: When should you schedule your cardio workout for maximum fat-burning impact? There’s just not a whole lot of good evidence in support of “fasted cardio”, like running on an empty stomach. So schedule your cardio session when you’re mostContinue reading “food n fit faq friday”

so you want to live in moderation huh?

Moderation is a frequently sought after thing with food and fitness; but it’s often considered attainable. -Don’t too much but don’t do too little -Allow yourself a treat; but make sure you don’t eat too much treats -Don’t go too hard, but also don’t go too easy What the heck does MODERATION mean any way?Continue reading “so you want to live in moderation huh?”