why do i still struggle with body image after losing so much weight?

I used to believe (really believe) that when I reached 125lbs, I would be SO HAPPY 😃. In that same thought, I also had a long list of ALL of the YUMMY delicious foods I would indulge in after completely eliminating them on my quest to 125.

Funny 😄 how that works, huh? Well, not funny at the time. As someone whose lost 30+ pounds several times over, I can 100% with certainty tell you that the two (weight loss AND happiness) do NOT go together.

Most times, I’ve been quite unhappy despite being at my lower weights. And with many women I Coach, we discover together this also be true.

But WHY?

I’m not a therapist (and highly recommend one to everyone I meet), but it’s important to remember that body image issues are often deeply rooted in one’s self-esteem, self-worth, and mental health.

Mine stemmed from childhood. Where and when did yours start?

Losing weight doesn’t address these underlying emotions. Most times we blame how we look for our unhappiness because it’s the easiest thing we can fixate on. It’s easiest to blame ourselves and how we look (or don’t look).

You are not alone! It’s quite common to struggle after transformation when you think 🤔 you should be “on top of the world.”

If you had low self-esteem or negative body image before weight loss, these issues will continue to rear their head post weight loss “victory.”

If you can relate to this… here are some things to consider:

✅ seek professional help
✅ practice self-compassion
✅ challenge your negative thoughts
✅ build a supportive network
✅ shift your focus away from how you look to how you feel
✅ be mindful of the media you consume; who you follow; the content you absorb and unfollow accounts that make you feel less-than or trigger negative body image thoughts.

I’m cheering for you, always!
❤️🌈💪🏾🌺🔥 xoLA

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