“i’ve lost weight. now what?”

Everybody can tell you how to lose weight. But the topic of “now what?” is never 👎🏾 discussed!

“Now What” is the BIGGEST mountain I help ladies navigate. This murky phase burdened me too.

Let’s play bad news, good news…

The not so bad: ONLY YOU knows the answer which will require some trial and error when figuring out your new normal…

You’ve lost weight. Feel great. Started maintenance. The scale doesn’t budge then creeps up. Metrics hold steady then tick up.

You don’t feel hard or tight (you aren’t depleted) and your clothes feel snug.

You dread daily check-ins. You miss chasing scale high. You can’t believe you have to still do all this work for this to happen.

Now for the GREAT NEWS…

✅you are well-fed which means you’ll feel Strong as F in the gym

✅ you have more food freedom; enjoying more meals out, less fixation on weighing and hitting ratios to a “T” and you can enjoy more fun food knowing you are gonna put that fuel to work!

If you’re struggling in a new season, here are some strategies:

1️⃣ have a maintenance goal of 7-10lbs. Remind yourself that your cut weight is NOT your maintenance weight. Manage your maintenance expectations with this 7-10lb range which will help keep you accountable without the freak out that may come with the scale ticking up.

2️⃣ Monitor your progress IN YOUR LIFTS! Keep a detailed training log. Are you increasing lifts each week most of the time? If so, you’re getting STRONGER. If you’re getting stronger, than we know you are BUILDING LEAN MUSCLE.

3️⃣ Maintain macro mindfulness. Maybe you don’t want to track anymore. Maybe you do. No matter what, be mindful. Maintenance isn’t an allowance to eat whatever, whenever.

4️⃣ Focus on some strength goals and/or sign up for an event. Walk for charity? Give a lift comp a try? Keep it fun and physical!

5️⃣ plan for treats and celebrations! Planning treats aid you in staying on track without feeling deprived. Celebrating your achievements even in maintenance allows you to acknowledge the hard work you continue to put forth!

Remember that maintaining weight is an ongoing process, and there may be occasional fluctuations. Be patient with yourself!
❤️🌈🔥💪🏾🌺 xoLA

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