week 33 update closing one door to open another, fear of change and the unknown

Week 33 Update!
Weight: 134.6LBS
Waist: 24”
Hips: 35”
Thigh: 18”

Scale has moved. Metrics not yet but I I am definitely leaning out in areas I don’t measure like this is the first time I ever see chest bones. I can feel hip bones. More bicep definition. Shoulders coming into the mix too.

I officially started with my new team @dynastytraining on Monday, September 11th.

We are going to take the next few weeks to see how my body responds. I’m getting a bit more food. Training is different. Cardio is very different. I’m enjoying the challenge. I’m really LOVING the attention; detailed recommendations and suggestions. Quick responsiveness despite time zone difference. I feel the aloha spirit here and that makes all the difference ❤️🤙🏾🌈🌺

If you haven’t caught the iglive with @dolphinine and @juliashelley on the topic of bodybuilding, WATCH IT NOW! As someone whose been trying to get on stage since my late 20s, I know all of this stuff that may come with the sport. It’s the same stuff that happens in any sport, including triathlon! Did ya know the biggest users of PEDs are recreational athletes? When I first found this out, I was floored. Now, decades later, I’m wiser.

I know what I’m up against and I know I’m an underdog. And ya know what? THAT’S the scenario I Fng THRIVE in. I expect people to count me out. That FUELS me to come out on top. And babes, I always come out because my only competition is ME. Seeing how great it can get for me and me alone.

What’s keeping me keeping on?

I LOVE my process. The routine. I keep my eyes on my own paper. I work on my body inside and out. I nurture the relationships important to me which include the ones I’ve built with my clients and as such, I’ve greatly improved as a coach through my people who trust me with their wellness. ❤️

The only person you have to prove to yourself to, is YOU. ❤️🤙🏾

Let’s get it babes! I’m cheering you on! ⚡️

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