what would happen if you spent 1 year, just 1 year of being consistent?

What would happen if you spent 1 year, just 1 year being consisted, committed and focused on becoming stronger from the inside out?

Here’s some realistic –#motivationmonday!

When I applied for @thewonderwomenofficial in March 2021, I could BARELY do scapular retractions as my best effort for the pull up video they requested.

Almost 2 years later filled with a 30lb loss; focused strength and macros; 1 year in REAL maintenance and a host of injuries, I can get 2 pull ups in.

That’s 1 pull up a year.

And for some it may seem what we say in pidgin Hawaiian “manini” which means small kind, small time, minimal, little, minuscule; but, to me, it’s testament to my habit building and staying focused on the forever game, not the short term quick fix.

The BEST part? I know I’ll never lose a pull up! I’ve built it and it’s here to stay!

If you focus on getting stronger with enjoyable habits, the outside stuff you are after always comes along for the ride!

So don’t throw in the towel before you’ve been able to FEEL, really FEEL how GREAT it can be!

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