i will … when I have more time (don’t wait because time is running out)

This year seems surreal. Our pack is now one less. Our babe would have been 44 years young today. And as the saying goes, “gone too soon.”

My friend once asked me what I thought was easier: to know in advance of a loved one’s passing or when it arrives unexpectedly?

I replied neither is easier. Both are hard. For me, the hardest part of our friend’s unexpected death was not having the opportunity to say goodbye.

You get swept up in life. The to-dos of the day. The mindset “When I have more time, I’ll…” or “I’ll get together with … as soon as time frees up.”

This concept of time is fickle. Out of our control no matter how much we schedule the shit out of it.

We can plan and log and book and write out and prepare all we want as our self-led motivation to feel in control.

We forget that we have little control over most things. The biggest of them being control of the concept of MORE time.”

In Jenn’s honor, we wear red lipstick and eat pastry; two of our gal’s consistent habits! 😍

Let Jenn’s energy gently remind us not to wait to do what we really want to do. Not only that but don’t wait to do what we really NEED to do in order to make the most out of our one BEST life. ❤️

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