road to wbff dallas, week 7 recap

#wellnesswednesday bringing you my weekly check-in with my Coach @janellefitmarks.

This week the scales been a Big B!

Weight: 147.8 lbs increase of 0.8lbs

All metrics haven’t changed.

Waist 26.50”
Hips: 37”
Thigh: 20.25”

This week hunger has been manageable. I have 3 low days; 3 moderate days and 1 high day. I used my high day to enjoy a wonderful birthday treat from my dear friend @sweat_hi at @hihimanu_sushi.

My BLTs have been on hiatus (thank goodness). But my energy has been low despite my Oura ring numbers being solid and getting in great sleep!

Despite all the “technical” data we have access to, here’s a nice reminder to simply check in with yourself and your body. You know you best!

I’ve been taking naps and adjusting some strength moves.

I’ve told my biggest cheerleader @808lekeli about my fatigue and hunger and he’s definitely been helping me with the daily life to-dos…like the 6 cats and 2 dogs we LOVE ❤️.

Not gonna lie – when I got on the scale & it read higher, after a low day when I’ve had a stellar week, I mini freaked out. I then I asked myself this:

“What’s the concrete data here?”

And then in check-in, Coach asked if metrics are unexpected, what may have contributed to this?

All the data immediately rolled into my mind as I typed away furiously.

1. My artificial sweetener intake has been off the chain. Diet sodas. Water flavor drops. Walden Farms dressings, sauces and syrups. Packaged deli meat. Keto bread. LOTS OF PROCESSED foods definitely causing the BLOAT. I’m reducing my diet soda to 1x daily and I’m now monitoring the sweetness I’m using. Y’all know I wasn’t following 1/4 tsp serving sizes in those! BUT NOW I AM 😝

2. I started my cycle dose of progesterone. I take a micro dose on days 12-24 of my cycle since my labs show I’m very low.

3. As a perimenopausal woman, I’ve had breakthrough cycles which started on my check-in day (thank you hormones)!

None-the-less, I’ll put on my big girl pants 👖 and forge ahead.

This week’s mindset mantra: Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.”

Have a GREAT 👍🏾 week babes!

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