mornings are hectic.

Mornings are hectic. I get it. Over 20 years of working with busy ladies with all sorts of demands (work, chores, kiddos, self-care), I’ve discovered that establishing a solid and simple #mindful morning routine is KEY in creating a solid wellness foundation. My 4 simple steps to an easy morning routine is the FIRST thingContinue reading “mornings are hectic.”

what’s the best #supplements for #weightloss?

As THE Honolulu Personal Trainer was asked this the other day: “What’s the best supplements for weight loss?” And it triggered my UH Manoa college years; memories of practically ODing on #ephedra; Proud of being dizzy from hunger and too much #dietfuel Confident that my stomach growls and burps of herbal disgustingness were experienced asContinue reading “what’s the best #supplements for #weightloss?”

sneak ways to make #exercise a #habit

Sneaky ways to make #exercise a #habit  We all want to do it – exercise and eat right. And we have the BEST intentions, but before we know it, we fall into too many #Netflix binges; we hit #snooze one too many times and it’s months before we begin the exercise contemplation process again –Continue reading “sneak ways to make #exercise a #habit”

a little goes a long way

How do you start your day? If it’s like me when the alarm goes off, I jump out of the bed with BUSY on my mind to tackle my day. THIS is SO common for most of the private clients that I work with too. My one on one clients tell me, “Lee-Ann… “It’s beenContinue reading “a little goes a long way”

do these 2 things for #food and #fitness #succcess

Think about these TWO things to set yourself up for food and fitness success! These TWO things have been the focal point of my entire coaching career as I help hundreds of women stop yo-yo dieting using my #musclesandmoderation approach. #1. Exercise should NOT be used as a punishment and you shouldn’t beat yourself up becauseContinue reading “do these 2 things for #food and #fitness #succcess”

her story resonated with me on a personal level

I opened my phone this morning and found a great text message from a client of mine that’s been struggling with over exercise and food restriction for about 20 years. She recently read THIS post of mine and it made her realize just how far she’s come from days of white knuckling and deprivation to eating mindfullyContinue reading “her story resonated with me on a personal level”

step by step on how to build your #BAS (Big Ass Salad)

If ya know me, I make a mean salad (also ask my husband who hates veggies). This is a BAS – the size of your head or a small animal! A gloriously gigantic salad that the internet has deemed a “Big-Ass Salad” or (BAS for short). And boy, does a BAS fill you up inContinue reading “step by step on how to build your #BAS (Big Ass Salad)”

Relying on #willpower will NEVER BE ENOUGH

I work with a lot of ladies who are so tired of trying their best and never seeing results. They will make some serious progress — I’m talking being this close and then something pops up, like a kid’s birthday party or a stressful week at home or work that has them falling right back intoContinue reading “Relying on #willpower will NEVER BE ENOUGH”

Please tell me you can #relate to this!

Lately, I have been on the struggle bus when it comes to my exercise #mindset since starting my IVF journey. (#pregnancyafter40) Is that even possible? #honolulupersonaltrainer Yet, I continue to push forward because of these 3 reasons and I share them in hopes of inspiring you to keep on keeping on when things seem BLAH. BeContinue reading “Please tell me you can #relate to this!”

despite your best efforts #sluggishmetabolism

If you’re like me and my clients, you don’t lack in effort. YOU DIG DEEP! You work hard and give your best to all of your endeavors. I bet you’ve been in the trenches of building a great career, a family– or maybe even both– for quite some time. And while you try to eatContinue reading “despite your best efforts #sluggishmetabolism”