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Is losing body fat an uphill battle for you?

Does it feel like you just can’t seem to lose weight despite exercising and eating right?

You could say these last 5 years have been a hormonal roller coaster for me personally. 

At 36 years old, I was told I was approaching menopause while I endured severe Ulcerative Colitis. 

At 37 years old, my hormones sky rocketed when I experienced a small duration of being hyper thyroid after colon removal surgery.

At 40 years old, after a long stint on Keto, I became pregnant with identical twin boys which led me to believe that I was in a healthy hormonal place so much so that I was able to conceive naturally. 

At 41 years old, I suffered a still birth at 5 months which not only sent my hormones into a tail spin, but also my mood, my anxiety and my depression. 

At 43 years old, I was finally mentally ready to try again and so I began a 6 month process of IUI’s leading to one cycle of IVF, all to not end up pregnant.

And so here we are. At 44 years old and at peace with it all. At peace with what will be will be. And despite the hardships, ALL OF THAT has led me to this place where I want to understand the behind the scenes of what I coach.

Sure, I coach food and fitness. But, I wanted to know more. So I as I began the deep dive into understanding my own hormonal fat loss journey, I started the process to educate myself on the Female Metabolism and Female Hormones so that I can be a better coach to the ladies I work with. 

Hormonal health is often overlooked when it comes to fat-loss and balancing your hormones is one of the most critical steps to changing the way you look and feel!

Here’s the first step – knowing what Hormones matter in your fat loss journey. Because your hormones could be the driving force behind your inability to lose body-fat!

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