overwhelmed or over committed?

2 most common things I see when working with ladies to #levelUP their health and wellness. #1: They are OVERWHELMED Women running on 4-6 hours a sleep per night juggling work, home, family, kids, themselves. These ladies are TIRED! And if I were running on 4-6 hours of sleep, I would definitely not spend myContinue reading “overwhelmed or over committed?”

how do i love thee?

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love myself so I no longer exist on controlled starving, I appreciate my body now not before or what’s to come. I love myself to know when my inner critic rears its head. I realize that I do not have to suffer for success.Continue reading “how do i love thee?”

the only pounds you should focus on

You can pee out about a pound. #waterYou may even poop out two. #foodvolumeIf you eat a bowl of pho, you’ll gain 2-3. #sodiumIt’s your period week? 4-5 lbs up is norm. #waterretention The only pounds you should be persuaded by? The ones you load onto the bar! Ready to @levelup by adding lifting heavyContinue reading “the only pounds you should focus on”

that was then this is now

You know already there is so. much. nutrition information out there. A big chunk of it is often WRONG and comes from absolutely NOWHERE. I’ve witnessed first hand how many of my ladies end up confused, misled and miserable as they live and die by their hard core diet rules, extreme fitness rules and suckContinue reading “that was then this is now”

your #actions are always talking

I came across this saying: “Your actions are always talking. What are you allowing & preventing in your day to day?” And it got me thinking… Welp folks, IUI #4 was the fourth #fail. When I started this journey, I’ve always tip toed into this arena with a “matter of fact” mindset. I know that I had toContinue reading “your #actions are always talking”

#bodytransformation with Amor Woolsey

Today I had the great pleasure of having client Amor Woolsey on my iglive to discuss her weight loss journey after being over 300lbs; what she’s learned after her natural weight loss and her experience with #Moderation365 nutrition coaching with me! As a workout trainer on Oahu in Hawaii, doing both virtual (online training services)Continue reading “#bodytransformation with Amor Woolsey”

are you a runner or new to strength training?

Are you a runner? Are you a beginner to strength training and have knee issues with squats and lunges?This is for you!!! The VMO Dip exercise! The VMO Dip is an exercise that can help alleviate knee pain and develop more efficient knee cap movement by strengthening the Quad muscle (the muscle that is yourContinue reading “are you a runner or new to strength training?”

are you making quitting your habit?

If you are trying to improve your health and you keep quitting, I challenge you to ask if you’ve determined a big enough REASON WHY you want a change. In my 3M method as an Oahu based personal and virtual health and wellness trainer and coach, our #mindfulness work together will include drilling down toContinue reading “are you making quitting your habit?”

memories of a third grader

I spent a long time of my life being BUSY to keep me distracted. I thrived off of having these long to-do lists. And I would derive great pleasure checking items off. I can recall an evening as a third grader, I was in my bedroom with all my school books stacked up high visuallyContinue reading “memories of a third grader”

health without hurt

Give yourself permission to be more and do less. Simpler said then done RIGHT? I mean, we have this never ending to do lists! This is where a bit of my tough love of comes in. If you want health change, you will HAVE TO trim your to-do list down. You will HAVE TO carveContinue reading “health without hurt”