lifting weights and NOT seeing results?

Lifting weights and NOT seeing results? Are you constantly putting in the work but continue to feel like you’re not really seeing any reward?

You’re not alone. Here’s the thing, for most of us…
It’s not lack of effort.
It’s not lack of consistency.
It’s not lack of motivation.

Ladies, listen up! If your goal is to change the way your body looks (i.e., look leaner and more defined, ‘tone’ your arms, get rid of cellulite, have a nice booty, age gracefully, feel comfortable and confident in a bathing suit, etc. etc.)…


If you want to achieve the above, you MUST focus on eating to build and not exercising more to lose!

⁣Yes, in order to lose body fat you have to be in a calorie deficit… BUT, what is often overlooked is the fact that building more muscle actually equates to a lower body fat percentage.⁣

The MORE muscle you have on your body, the LEANER you will be.

The LESS muscle you have, the less efficient your body is at using the calories you consume on a daily basis and the greater decline you will have in your overall health.⁣⁣

In order to change your body for good you MUST focus on EATING to build muscle; -EXERCISING in the right doses to aid in muscle building
-SLEEPING good to help your muscle repair and recover and
-STRESSING less to keep your hormones in check!

Here are 5 quick tips that help me navigate the middle:
1. Be sure you have a protein source at every meal
2. Drink at least 80 ounces of water per day
3. Aim for 7 hours of sleep each night for most nights
4. Manage stress by doing one relaxation technique each week (meditation, yoga, massage, hot bath, a facial, therapy…)
5. Allow yourself to eat EVERYTHING so you binge on NOTHING!

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