5 fit over 30 commandments to live buy

Don’t skip the warm-up: As we age, our muscles and tendons become less flexible and more subject to injury. A solid 10- to 15-minute warmup of light motion (not static stretching, which can actually cause damage when done cold) helps counteract that unavoidable truth. It’s time to start thinking of the warmup not as a thing you do beforeContinue reading “5 fit over 30 commandments to live buy”

so you want to live in moderation huh?

Moderation is a frequently sought after thing with food and fitness; but it’s often considered attainable. -Don’t too much but don’t do too little -Allow yourself a treat; but make sure you don’t eat too much treats -Don’t go too hard, but also don’t go too easy What the heck does MODERATION mean any way?Continue reading “so you want to live in moderation huh?”

3 ways (you don’t think of) to BOOST Fat LOSS + my big July announcment

I am excited to announce my 4 week DIY body fat loss program #LevelUP for women ages 30+ looking to shed a few pounds post COVID 19.  This program includes customized workouts and customized macro recommendations. Register today to get on my July waitlist!  Participants will also receive: -a weekly nutrition component where I teachContinue reading “3 ways (you don’t think of) to BOOST Fat LOSS + my big July announcment”

i’m not the leanest and I wouldn’t change a thing…

I’m not the leanest. But I’m not exercising over 3 hours a day eating less than 1,200 calories like I used too.  I’m still tracking my macros. But I’m not obsessing over the minutiae anymore. Exercise More, Eat Less got me so far. But then it became too much. So now, after a medical lifeContinue reading “i’m not the leanest and I wouldn’t change a thing…”

is your trainer taking advantage of you?

This week, I tackle the FIVE myths women have about their bodies, and their metabolisms. Each day, I’ll cover a common myth. FLAG THIS POST as your reminder that if it sounds too good to be true, it is! When working at a big commercial gym many MOONS ago, I was appalled at how manyContinue reading “is your trainer taking advantage of you?”

fat loss myths revealed

When you join my 6 week lean muscle building program #LevelUp, you’ll receive weekly, juicy content all things fitness and food related. Here’s a sneak peak of the very things we will cover together so that YOU can become your OWN BODY DETECTIVE. Diets make you believe that you are ONE SIZE FITS ALL. WTF?!Continue reading “fat loss myths revealed”

5 minute monday metcon

5 reps – 5 exercises – 1- 5 rounds for time!5x squat-lunge-squat-lunge (all that is 1 rep)5x weighed squat thruster5x weighted sumo squat5x bent over back row5x bent over tricep kickbacks

set up your home gym, on the cheap!

Setting up a home gym can be done easily and affordably. Step 1: Space You don’t need much space, ideally, a 7 foot by 7 foot open spot that allows you to lay, hop, or jump in any direction. Consider a TV on the wall should you want to stream workouts. Also consider a full length mirrorContinue reading “set up your home gym, on the cheap!”

new moon musings = zoom class manifestation

Today is a New Moon. I will be ending today’s Zoom small group fitness training with a new moon manifestation meditation. This is a FEE-BASED class payable by Venmo or Paypal. Here is the info to join: We will workout for 45 minutes then end with this. If you want, you can also do myContinue reading “new moon musings = zoom class manifestation”

5 minute metcon – CHIPPER workout

My #SwitchingGears 30-day consistency challenge group is killing it. We are at the start of week 2, and this is their week’s #metcon, a 5 minute per round chipper workout. No equipment needed. Any level. Any where. Exercises: push ups, supermans and mountain climbers Reps: 20 reps* of each, then 15 reps* of each, thenContinue reading “5 minute metcon – CHIPPER workout”