spinning your wheels for #weightloss?

I received this text yesterday: “I feel like I’m spinning my wheels the last 5 years trying to lose these 15lb pounds.”

This is totally common. I hear this from frustrated ladies who come to work with me because they believe that if they can just lose this weight or weigh this number, the stars in the Universe will align and everything will be perfect. Well, not exactly those words, but you get my drift…

Here’s the 3 notorious reasons why you may be feeling the same about your weight loss journey:

1. You view this goal as temporary.

When we say diet, we automatically assign an end date to this thing. This first thing you must realize is that in order for your weight loss to stick around after you have reached your goal weight, you MUST continue the healthy habits you’ve adopted during the time you lost the weight.

2. You throw in the towel when the scale doesn’t spit out the weight loss you feel you should get.

#weightloss isn’t linear. The # on the scale is not going to regularly go down due to our bodies having a lot of variables going on at any given time. Pay attention to the scale trend. The trending line will look like a zig-zag, and that’s ok. Those zig-zags drop a little bit each week, so which means you are doing something right.

3. You do everything all at once.

We exercise until you can’t move. We throw out all the “bad” food. And sooner than later, we are sore and hangry. We are irritable and we quit before we see even a tiny drop on the scale.

Remember, weight loss is a #marathon not a #sprint. Slow and steady wins the race, so start implementing the smallest of healthy habits a little bit at a time.

Here are some sure fire ways to add in some very actionable habits toward your weight loss goals:

-Park further away to get extra steps in.
-Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
-Replace white bread with multi-grain.
-Grab some fruit or crunchy veggies instead of chips.

Then add another healthy habit the following week.
-Replace one soda with a big glass of water.
-Use Stevia instead of sugar in your coffee.
-Go for a walk during your break.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

List your one healthy habit for this week below!

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