do i love to workout?

People assume that since I am the #honolulupersonaltrainer, that I LOVE to workout.

And yes, that is somewhat true, but TBH, I don’t love to workout all of the time. In fact, I probably don’t want to workout more times than I’d care to admit.

BUT, I know that moving my body makes me feel better no matter what; that if I can push past that feeling of not wanting to and remind myself that I have the honor of moving my body, this gets my ass out the door.

What’s my secret? Finding ways of movement that I enjoy, that I love, that I look forward and for me, one of those types is #triathlon.

In this sport, you see all ages, all abilities and all body sizes. And we all come together to move our bodies swimming then biking then running.

Here’s a throwback to finishing a #sprinttriathlon in 2017, two years after my colon removal surgery, as I rebuilt my strength, my stamina and my fear of swimming with my new normal (an ostomy).

Here are my tried and true habits that help me truly enjoy and even LOVE exercise. Find and implement the #habit that works best for YOU!

1. I only do workouts and exercise that I enjoy! I dislike swimming, so I rarely swim despite doing triathlon LOL!

2. I don’t fixate on weight loss. Instead, I evaluate my performance. I reframe my exercise – instead of it being something that I have to do to lose weight, I visualize all of the immediate benefits that I will receive from moving my body – the endorphins, the strength, mobility, flexibility and stamina that I create with every workout!

3. IYKYK – I crank up the tunes! For me personally, music is a HUGE motivator that keeps me engaged; allows me to push harder and go further. I get excited creating playlists for various activities and I am always on the lookout for fresh beats. My fave genre are current pop and 90’s #hiphop.

What’s your current go-to song to #beastmode your exercise session?

Mine is Can I Kick It? by a #atribecalledquest

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