being thin X being fit

Being skinny doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthy — in fact, it’s possible to be visibly thin but metabolically obese. The key to understanding this phenomenon lies in understanding the distinction between visceral and subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is the fat beneath our skin, while visceral fat — a type of fat that can be muchContinue reading “being thin X being fit”

slow and steady wins the race

Client 4 week check in 🤙🏾 ✔️Slow and steady ✔️ Follows monthly fitness recommendations ✔️ Understands that this is a marathon not a sprint ✔️Has implemented food and fitness as a daily habit ✔️Is a business owner clocking 60+ hours per week yet prioritizes mindful movement and food as fuel ✔️Focuses on sleep as the KEY 🔑 component in gettingContinue reading “slow and steady wins the race”

love your belly

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always had belly rolls. I remember wishing upon a star that I would wake up without them. I recall thinking I could just use a steak knife to cut them off (when I was in elementary school before I knew anything about lipo). I spent decades inContinue reading “love your belly”

can i exercise with an ostomy?

I spent 10+ years barely surviving with Ulcerative Colitis. On December 7th, 2015, I underwent life saving surgery for a permanent ostomy. What’s different now? I’m living my BEST life in a healthy and thriving body. There isn’t anything that I can’t do with my medical device. So I’m here to help others like meContinue reading “can i exercise with an ostomy?”

lets’s talk about results, BB

Let’s talk about RESULTS. On my page, you won’t see:1. Before and after pics showcasing ripped abs or a juicy bubble butt2. Shout outs for that chicken breast and broccoli prep life3. Kudos for two a days and the accompanying brain fog I’m not knocking that hustle. It’s just not my kinda hustle. With myContinue reading “lets’s talk about results, BB”

free audio download – my 5 minute guided meditation

FREE CONTENT ALERT! After some encouragement from Hina Torres de Sa to do my own guided body scan audio (instead of using commercial ones out there; THANK YOU Hina!), I’ve decided to bite the bullet and do the DAM thing! Here is my first stab at a 5 minute body scan, FREE for all! ThisContinue reading “free audio download – my 5 minute guided meditation”

non scale victories

My 50-year old client did a 3 week check in. The scale didn’t budge but the inches sure did! You see, there is much more to long term wellness than that fickle number on the scale. After all, your value as a person, your experiences, success and the vibe you bring to the world can’tContinue reading “non scale victories”

my insecurity – imposter syndrome

It took me over 10 years and a vicious irritable bowel disease to arrive at my current spot, and why understanding and mastering my mindset has been so important to me over the last several years so I thought I would give you a glimpse into my own history of struggle. When I first setContinue reading “my insecurity – imposter syndrome”

a boxing match – my ulcerative colitis story part 2

It was the first time I had to fill so many prescriptions at once. It was the first time, I had to take anything more than a birth control pill (30 plus pills to be exact). It was my first pharmaceutical cocktail and you know what? That shit worked like a CHAMP! *Prednisone – madeContinue reading “a boxing match – my ulcerative colitis story part 2”

triple D method to goal setting – u can do it

@jillfit’s Triple D method to goal setting 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 GOT GOALS?  Having trouble reaching them? Procrastinating? Don’t know where to start?  I have (3) THREE spots in February open for my 30-minute in person accountability sessions. Let me help you! Is it SCARY? Nope.  We meet at a coffee ☕️ or tea 🍵 shop, or weContinue reading “triple D method to goal setting – u can do it”