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I’ve spent the last year under going fertility treatment, eating more and decreasing my exercise all as a means to provide the most thriving environment for pregnancy. I knew with 100% certainty that I would gain weight and I vowed to myself to not revert back to old eating and exercise disordered behaviors as “damage control.” I was after all trying to grow life, and I knew that over exercise and under eating would only hurt my chances at expanding my family.

I also knew that this exercise less and eat more hiatus would give my body a long deserved break from decades of over exercise and under eating as a means of weight control. Weight gain was expected because I had spent far too long in the Eat Less, Exercise More mode of dieting.

Metabolic damage and hormonal damage doesn’t heal overnight, ladies; but, once I started practicing what I preached and applied the #MusclesandModeration Method on my own body, everything began to shift.

=No more dieting=Reduced scale obsession
=Eating more than 1200 calories a day (2,200-2,500 cals now)
=No more 2+ hours daily exercise; 2-a-day sessions; tri racing
=No more feeling miserable due to wacky imbalanced hormones⁣

With my program #MusclesandModeration, we focus on:
*Repairing your metabolism
*Balancing your hormones
*Rebuilding your outlook weight loss
*Repairing your relationship with food and fitness⁣

If you’re chasing that lower number on the scale, pause and ask yourself if your approach is sustainable, or is it another quick fix that will have you starting over again???I hope this message resonates with you! If it did, leave me a comment or message me. I would LOVE to her your story.

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