dieting gave me brain drain

I used to OBSESS about having a pre and post workout meal within 30 minutes of my workouts.

I would FIXATE on making sure I ate an exact 35 grams of protein with every meal.

I would ZERO IN ON every ingredient of every food label of every food that I would eat.

And I had BRAIN DRAIN. I spent probably about 90% of my mental energy focused on what I would eat, how much of each macro I would eat, if that meal would satisfy me, plugging the meals into my app, weighing and measuring all of the food and yep, there wasn’t much energy left for anything else.It took a lot of self-investigation; a lot of help from professionals whom I respect in the food and fitness space to help me find a sustainable balance.

And despite their different backgrounds (food, strength training, business, nutrition counseling, therapy) they all shared the same sentiment – don’t sweat the small stuff.

And now I preach the same to my tribe. I always ask myself this:

Will this decision really make a huge impact in my life, on my weight or on my size?
==== Nope.
Will this decision really make a huge dent in my finite mental energy?
=== Yep.

And slowly but surely, I realized to not mind the stuff that didn’t matter. You can too.

Next time you are beating yourself up about this food thing or that exercise thing, remember, you won’t make it or break it on that decision. Instead, focus on:
> that one thing you will ENJOY
> that one thing that is EFFORTLESS
> that one thing that is EFFECTIVE for your BIG goal

And do that every day for most days. Rinse and repeat.

What’s one thing you used to sweat over but now, you are like, nah, I’m good?

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