on the go protein snacks grab n’ go

Struggling to eat healthy while busy and on the go? Let me help you protein snack prep!

These relatively healthy protein snacks can be found anywhere, including at your local gas station or convenience store!

Whether you are on a road trip away from home; in a time crunch and need some munchies ASAP or have a hectic lifestyle that leaves little room to meal prep, use this quick and handy guide to pick up a few small bites to tie you over!

Remember, food does not happen in isolation! What I mean is this: If you deprive or starve yourself because you are too busy to eat NOW, you will definitely 100% binge on worse crap LATER! #moderation365

Make the best possible choice in the moment! But really ladies, have you noticed just how much the convenience stops have really upped their food game from several years ago?

NOW you can definitely get some healthier options – if you know what to look out for! Here, I share some of my favorite “healthier” yummies to pick up while on the road or to keep in your pantry for those “too busy to sit down for a meal” times!

Share this with a friend and see if you both can add to my list! I would love to hear what are your gas station go-tos when trying to make more mindful food choices!

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