as for the rest, just do your best

OMG! It’s Monday. I am gonna wake up early, go to the gym to lift and do cardio. I’ll have all my meals with me. After work, I am going to do some stretching, maybe a quick cardio video followed by my clean final daily meal. I won’t have dessert and I definitely won’t be having wine. Instead, I’ll be in bed by 9pm to get my 8 hours of sleep.

WHOA – are you as exhausted as I am?

How common does this sound?

You have all the big plans and then one of 2 things happens:

1) you do ALL those things and get burned out QUICK

2) you do not do ANY of those things and get STRESSED

My motto for the ladies that I train – AS FOR THE REST, DO YOUR BEST!

My mission – slow sustainable fat loss

How I do this with the women that I work with?

Together we design a daily action plan focusing on 1-3 small things they can do day in and day out. It’s the smallest of things that are pretty much a no-brainer for them to implement. And we keep trekking that path because each day we can clearly see the forward steps we are making along our route as we are headed to the top of our mountain!

What’s one small relatively healthy action you can do every day most days of the week?

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