5 minute quickie movement for you!

Got 5 minutes? Sure you do! You are here on the net after all! Save this quickie movement series and be share to share with a friend. You can do this anywhere and all it will take is 5 minutes! You will feel SO GOOD after this, I promise!

Remember, something is always better than nothing!

All you need?

Your body and a stop watch!

Perform each exercise listed in order for 40-seconds for each move. Take 10-seconds between each exercise to switch moves. Complete this 6 exercise circuit one time through!
And Viola! You have added 5 minutes of movement to your day!

==Add this in between work breaks
==Use this as a finisher to your bike or run workout!
==Complete this multiple times in a day for a burn!
==Great for beginners as an intro to strength training!

Here’s the 6 exercise series:
1. Push ups and plank 40-sec each
2. Air squats and alternating leg lunges 40-sec each
3. Crunches and mountain climbers 40-sec each

Do you have a go-to 5 minute workout in your back pocket? Share with me below or better yet, post your #sweatyselfie. I would love to see your beautiful faces!

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