“i’ve been struggling. please help”

I received this message today: “I have seriously been struggling to workout at all since COVID and shelter in place. Before, I worked out 6-7 times per week. I was training for my 4th marathon. Now, I think I’ve run 4 times since March and zero strength training. I cant decide if I should spendContinue reading ““i’ve been struggling. please help””

medium fat protein sources in Hawaii

Welcome to Day 2 of my 4 day coverage of low fat, medium fat, high fat and plant based protein sources here in Hawaii. As a virtual and female certified personal trainer on Oahu, my clients are often confused as to why protein choices matter. Most of the time they are unaware they are needingContinue reading “medium fat protein sources in Hawaii”

what type of exerciser are you?

I offer group coaching, DIY Programs, 1:1 (One on One) Private Coaching, and Dual Training (a combo of 1:1 and DIY). The most common question I get asked is “But Lee-Ann, how do I know which program is right for me?” In today’s live, I go over a few key things you should consider toContinue reading “what type of exerciser are you?”

how did I get here?

Do you remember your first diet? I do. I remember I was in 3rd grade at a school pizza party and a boy told me I didn’t need to eat any pizza because I was so fat. Now with social media in today’s culture, dieting and the “perfect” body is all around us. Can weContinue reading “how did I get here?”

former food pusher here, now in recovery

A Food Pusher or Pressure Feeder is someone who pushes or pressures you to eat something after you’ve already said no. Typically, they have their own agenda in wanting you to eat the food they are offering. Perhaps they want to be the best hostess or they feel they’ve gone to all this work and want you to enjoy.Continue reading “former food pusher here, now in recovery”

i have some bad news for you…

I have some bad news for you… There is SO MUCH FALSE weight loss and diet information out there that has BRAIN 🧠 WASHED us to believe that hours of cardio and cutting your calories super low is the answer to weight loss.  ☝️THIS is a common issue I see many women making when theyContinue reading “i have some bad news for you…”

fitness do’s & don’ts

Does this sound like you? “I totally stopped exercising since it was crazy busy.” “I swore I was gonna start back in the gym after the New Year.” “I’ll start exercising in the spring!” Sound familiar? I work with a wide range of clients; but they usually all have the same starting point – theyContinue reading “fitness do’s & don’ts”

other trainers vs. me as your trainer

I’ve spent over 20 years working with many different trainers who have all taught me training strategies that didn’t necessarily agree with.  When I went on to do my own thing, I took everything I loved about each of them and blended it with all the ways I felt certain of in order to shareContinue reading “other trainers vs. me as your trainer”

you have to actually like what you eat

What if you actually liked how you ate every single day? If you are like me, a LIFETIME dieter, then you’ll recognize these feelings right away:1. You are either STARVING or miserably STUFFED. 2. You are deathly afraid of eating out situations where you can’t control your food intake (a party, a special occasion, aContinue reading “you have to actually like what you eat”

my animal flow warm-up for you!

Priming your body prior to ANY physical activity is a MUST! MOTION IS LOTION! I didn’t always feel that way. When I was younger, I didn’t really bother much to warm-up and now I am in my 40’s, it’s a requirement. As I aged, I learned my body doesn’t recover as fast as it usedContinue reading “my animal flow warm-up for you!”