do these 2 things for #food and #fitness #succcess

Think about these TWO things to set yourself up for food and fitness success!

These TWO things have been the focal point of my entire coaching career as I help hundreds of women stop yo-yo dieting using my #musclesandmoderation approach.

#1. Exercise should NOT be used as a punishment and you shouldn’t beat yourself up because you ate something “bad” or had “too much” or think you look “bad.” 

Exercise should be something you enjoy and even love. Something you do — not because you were “bad” — but because it brings more happiness and fulfillment into your life.

#2. I KNOW (from first hand experience) that sometimes people exercise because they believe when they finally look the way they want to look…then they will be happy. But, you end up chasing happy in all the wrong places. 

To be truly happy, you must be content with yourself, as is, unconditionally in the present moment-NOW-not 10-20-30 pounds from now. Because it doesn’t matter if you have the “perfect” body or not — if you don’t love who you are as a person, you will never truly be happy.

What is making you truly happy today?

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