“i ignore my hunger”

I was training a client this week and I noticed some energy dips that were not her normal, so as a 3M Method Coach, I started to ask her some questions. Initially she felt her energy was low from having a full week of physical activity and yes, I agreed. But I knew there wasContinue reading ““i ignore my hunger””

“this shit isn’t fair”

My biz coach Jill Coleman (@jillfit if you are looking for the best online biz coach evah evah) tweeted this: “Anything you even wanted to know is a book, a podcast, a course or a person away.” If I read this two years ago, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. I was dead setContinue reading ““this shit isn’t fair””

do you have “skin in the game?”

This is Kim. Kim is a pretty much life long vegan. She spends a lot of time on food prep and a lot of money on her training sessions. Despite having a very hectic job as an RN, Kim always makes our weekly early morning sessions. As your Oahu based female personal and virtual trainer,Continue reading “do you have “skin in the game?””

the exercise you should be doing

This is demonstrating the Quadruped extension or aka the Bird Dog exercise. Quadruped is the position where both hands and knees are on the ground. It is the starting position of crawling that all children do. When young babies are learning to walk, quadruped helps them develop curves in their spine and core strength. ForContinue reading “the exercise you should be doing”

trust yourself

Kristin has been a long time client who started to comment that her extremely low energy levels were unexplainable; her sleep patterns were all over the place and her evening hunger and cravings were to her, out-of-control. Through my 3M Method, we worked together to really pin point the messages her body was telling her.Continue reading “trust yourself”

is somebody watching over you?

Somebody watching OVER you is a great thing!  I help women transform their relationship with fitness & food to create a sustainable lifestyle they love.  It’s not a short term, quick fix, cookie cutter approach. It’s going to take the same amount of effort and work as those fad diets you’ve been juggling 🤹‍♂️ allContinue reading “is somebody watching over you?”

just eat it.

Intuitive eating, Moderate eating, Mindful eating, eating with Awareness…so many adjectives that would confuse even a genius! Here I keep it simple sweetheart.  Let’s figure out a way to eat so you learn to trust your own hunger cues, you are sensitive to your energy highs and lows and you honor your cravings versus denyingContinue reading “just eat it.”

stop doing shit you hate

“I HATE exercise. I don’t want to sweat. I despise burpees” As a #femalepersonaltrainer, a good amount of my ladies have an “exercise allergy” believing that worthwhile results require an absurd amount of Discipline, Sacrifice, a lot of White Knuckling with an extra serving of Deprivation. And to be REAL, I USED to BELIEVE thatContinue reading “stop doing shit you hate”

scam alert! i’m gonna burst your diet bubble

SCAM ALERT. This may just burst your bubble, but sorry, not sorry. I’ve been a personal trainer long enough to see, first hand experience and work with many women who have fallen victim to these very, horrible fad diet claims that promise 6 pack abs and the body of your dreams. TBH, in my dietContinue reading “scam alert! i’m gonna burst your diet bubble”

diets make us dumb

Over the years as a female workout and personal fitness trainer on Oahu, I’ve met a shit load of women who are lifetime, hardcore dieters. And over the years, I’ve seen how horribly diets fail these women, over and over and over again. You see, diets are set up to cause you to fail, eventually…Continue reading “diets make us dumb”