what’s your excuse, again?

Whenever I ask people what’s stopping them from losing weight, at least one of these 3 things comes up:

1) no time
2) no idea how to start
3) an intense fear of failure

And maybe your agreeing with me right now as you think about what’s stopping you from doing the thing.

The comforting thing is that no matter your reason, or your why, the answer is always the same – taking action. You have to get started. You just have to start.

And there in lies the biggest obstacle we face – how do I start?

If you’ve been wanting to learn macros, download the app and start playing with the app My Macros Plus. Message me for my free virtual Macros Made Easy Masterclass series. Watch those. Study and learn and do.

If you’ve been wanting to learn how to make exercise a regular part of your day, message me for my free Fit in 15 series whereby I provide you (37) free 15 minute body weight workouts that you can do all of or as little of. Get those and do 1 minute, or 5 minutes or all 15 minutes per day.

If you’ve been needing a gentle nudge, some extra support and a community to share in it all, message me about my various coaching programs I offer. After all, this is my life’s work! To help you discover your unique super power through Mindset + Macros + Muscles! #honolulupersonaltrainer

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