are you in balance, on balance or off balance?

When you go on a diet, do you ever stop to wonder if it’s the right time to diet?

I never used to think about that at all. For me, it was always the same 👇🏾

Feel fat, feel sad, start diet.
Feel sad, feel fat, start diet.

I never checked in with my self to wonder 💭 how tight those emotions were intertwined 🔒.

And I sure as heck didn’t ask myself if I had the mental energy and bandwidth necessary to diet.

For a long while, I was in #chronicallystressed state and I decided to throw fuel into that fire by forcing myself into a perpetual dieting deficit (stress on stress). Add to that an #autoimmunedisease#ulcerativecolitis and well, I just created a shit 💩 storm for myself.

It’s about balance. Having people in your corner. And being surrounded by people who care enough to call you on your stuff, good, bad, ugly.

I like to think I provide that to my clients. A safe space to feel their best selves. I’m very happy that I have found @thewonderwomenofficial and my Coach @janellefitmarks who do that for me. ❤️

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Tomorrow I tell you all about it and why you should care. Link in stories or in bio! #honolulupersonaltrainer

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