you can’t stay on a diet (or in a deficit) forever

Been navigating #maintenancemacros for a while now. Learning more than anything. Initially getting more food was exciting. “Of course, I want more macros” I would say! Not chasing a scale number or big drops on the metrics has been a different story. 

I am learning that being in maintenance is just as strategic as being in a deficit. For me personally, it has required much more tenacity and focus with the sole purpose not to move the numbers, but to remain steady, in the stillness and the balance that is eating at my body’s maintenance level. 

This is the first time in my LIFE where I’ve been able to keep my weight within maintenance range (2-3lbs); while eating MORE food while doing WAY LESS cardio. For measure – I do cardio 20 minutes per day, every day at 70-75% of my target heart rate. I lift 5x per week. If you think this is A LOT, it may be for you. But for me, this is a fraction of what I had put my body through for decades. 

The outside transformation is icing on my cake. It’s my mindset shift that truly has been a game changer for my sanity. 

In the last 7 months, I have not resorted to any disordered eating or exercise behavior out of response to my head space. 

I have not over exercised to work off extra calories.

I have not fasted to make up for being “bad.” 

I did not exercise a shit ton before getting weighed at the Doctor’s office. 

I did not have to exercise before going out to a special event to feel skinny. 

I did not withhold food for an entire day to enjoy one special meal out. 

I did not take any over the counter aids so that I could feel full or purge my food. 

All of those changes have been MAJOR wins for me.

I eat learning to enjoy maintenance – the ability to have more food, more macro flexibility and more time to spend with loved ones doing things that I truly enjoy that have nothing to do with counting macros, doing 20 minute of cardio or lifting weights (altho’ I do very much enjoy those things too). 

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