how long do I have to diet for?

When friends find out you can’t stay in a caloric deficit long term, 👆🏾this is the very next question 🙋🏽‍♀️ they ask me.

And I wish ⭐️ I could tell you with scientific certainty that if you did this and that then by this exact date and time, you’ll reach your goal! I would be a bazillionaire! 💰

Don’t be misled by influencers who promise big drops in record time.

The truth is that “it depends.”

To reach your goal, how long will it take? My answer is always “it depends.”

It depends on:
👉🏾how much you have to lose
👉🏾your dieting history
👉🏾your genetics
👉🏾your adherence to the plan
👉🏾your consistency to your plan
👉🏾your goals
👉🏾etc etc etc

There’s so much nuance that goes into reaching your goal. And too often, we get caught up in reaching that goal as fast as possible; reaching a finish line so to speak.

But ya know what?

There is no finish line. If you want to achieve your goals in the smartest and safest way possible, you’ll have to fixate and get excited by your process, the journey, the “training” “effort” “action” you perform day in day out working toward that goal.

Arriving at your goal should be icing on the cake 🎂.

Once you can truly believe that and fall in love 🥰 with the ways that will get you there, that’s when you know you’ve found your process.

It’s the marathon, not the sprint babe! 💋

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