it takes more guts than you think

At least once per week I receive a DM from a gal telling me that they can’t seem to lose weight no matter what they do. 

As we dig deeper, they tell me they experience these symptoms:

📍Brain fog


📍Bathroom irregularity



📍Trouble sleeping

📍Skin issues

📍Food sensitivities

📍Chronic dieting

📍Out of control sugar cravings

And when I read this, I immediately think the MOST LIKELY CULPRIT IS AN IMBALANCED GUT!

As someone with a gut-related Auto Immune Disease (Ulcerative Colitis) that eventually resulted in having colon removal surgery and a now permanent ostomy, it is not lost on me that gut health is the often forgotten pillar of health most of us take for granted.

Your gut health affects everything in your body, everything you do including weight loss and weight gain!

So when I had the privilege of working with Debbie Thompson of Optimal Energy Now, I wanted to spread her #guthealthgospel 😀

Debbie is a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Coach helping people discover hidden gut-related symptoms so that they can thrive, not just survive. She educates her clients on this very real fact – it takes more guts than you think! 

Take this example: Me – I eat nonfat 100 calorie greek yogurt with the thought that yogurt is good for you. It has the good bugs we always hear about, right? Not to mention protein and moderate carbs and sugar. 

WELP folks, through Debbie’s education and coaching, I’ve realized that yogurt falls very low on the totem pole of “healthy food” and that clever product marketing has us thinking that yogurt has the god bugs, when it truly doesn’t have any of the good stuff our guts really need! Talk about mind blown! 🤯

We need to hear about this stuff! 

I know the idea of “gut health” has been trending for a while now. People are saying that eating a wide variety of healthy foods, including fermented foods, is great for your gut. Is this true, not true? What foods? But why? How does gut health, and gut bacteria, make you healthy…or unhealthy?

And this is why I am super excited to have Debbie speak on this very topic “It takes More Guts Than You Think.” 

Join us on Zoom for this free Gut Health Masterclass happening on Monday, May 9th at 12noon HST. It will be recorded, so if you can’t make the live, be sure to let me know if you want in so I can send you the recording. This is a once-in-a-great-while opportunity for you to learn about gut health and ask questions in real time with a Gut Health Expert! 

If you would like to attend this amazing free event, please reply to this email telling me so and I will send you the Zoom meeting info or join using the Zoom info below. 

Hope to see ya on Monday for this great event!


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