what’s your turning point?

What’s your turning point?

For a long time, I held firm onto beliefs and habits as though my way was the only way.

And for a long time, my way steered me along a path I felt solid on despite me seeing a lot of caution ⛔️ ⚠️ signs 🪧 along my way.

Never did I ever think I would arrive here – at a window 🪟 of opportunity where I was compelled to let go of my way (repeating the same kind of thinking and behaviors of my past. To think and be something, someone different, something much better than I’d ever been.

Some may judge me and think 💭 how can she be better with an #ostomy?”

I’ve heard people suffering like I had wish death upon themselves before having colon removal surgery.

And that makes me very sad 😔; that they cannot see a window of opportunity; this critical point where they have the chance to align themselves with a new future, a new destiny and a new path that was not available to them before.

I coach my ladies through mindset work a lot. Because we, me, you, have to FIRST believe. Once we truly believe there can be a better way, we invest our heart ❤️ into our journey. And when our head 🧠 and heart ❤️ align, only then can our physical bodies perform the actions and behaviors that align us.

What’s something new you’ve recently tried? I would love to share stories with you!

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