why i love helping women lose fat and find so much more

I left my corporate advertising career in 2011 because I knew I wanted to have a bigger impact on those I worked with.

I moonlighted in fitness back then as my “passion.”

When both career burn out and an ulcerative colitis diagnosis all came together in a vicious storm ⛈️, I reevaluated how I wanted to spend the next half of my life.

Did I want to spend it selling people stuff they didn’t need? Marketing to people to stuff their emotions with more crap?

Or did I want to show them how food and movement could fill up their cup much better than ferociously spending their hard earned dollars to purchase “happiness?”

It was scary; but I turned in my resignation. I told myself I could always go back if this new venture didn’t work out.

There’s been much rain 🌧️ and uncertainty. But there has been far more rainbows 🌈 and victories.

And the BEST part is watching my ladies boost their confidence and self-love through my well-rounded approach to self-care.

This is a few client wins as they share how they’ve transformed their relationships with food and fitness over the years.

This is WHY I love what I do!

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