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2021 👉🏾 2023
178lb 👉🏾 150lb

I’ve been enjoying maintenance for a year now. It took me at least half that time to appreciate it too.

I recently heard @syattfitness say on his podcast that they refer to a maintenance phase not calling it maintenance but calling it MOMENTUM and yep, he was spot on.

When I first entered maintenance, I was less than thrilled (except for the more food part; I was excited 😆 for that)!

I just felt like it was so Ho-hum. What would I preoccupy myself with if I wasn’t overly busy fixated with weight loss???

And it’s almost like I can’t even recognize the Lee-Ann of then. She was so busy dieting and exercising and chasing a physical goal outside of herself.

Momentum is exactly what maintenance is!

A season of cementing the habits you’ve built while losing.

Learning that yes, you can TRUST yourself in social meal settings and while on vacation and when injured or sick or life gets hectic.

Because you are no longer bound to a rigid way. A laundry list of forbidden foods. A manual of all the exercise and cardio that must be done.

You’ve figured out your groove.

You are solid in your why.

You believe you can, so you do.

Without self-doubt.

No longer trying to rush the process.

Knowing full well that there’s nothing to complete because here, there’s no finish line.

Momentum is a great place to be!

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