are you overcomplicating your fat loss?

I see many ladies getting tripped up about losing weight.

They immediately go straight to doing tons of cardio to get those scale pounds down, down, down. 

And that works  – in the short term. With the water weight they initially lose coupled with the food restriction they adhere to, which is totally common with the basic fat loss approach we’ve all done, myself included!  

If you are struggling to lose weight, your focus should be in this order: 

  1. Food
  2. Lifting
  3. Cardio

The best approach is to tackle all 3 above. But again, this can be overwhelming and daunting for so many returning to self care and fitness. 

For my ladies, I encourage a balance of food and cardio but focus on strength training to start to really make them feel good. 

They lift, They get strong. They lose some inches and scale weight and then they are motivated to fuel their bodies properly so they can continue on to get stronger and lift heavier. 

Sometimes the linear path isn’t always so liner. I work with you on the key action items that will work with your Personal Preferences, your Profession and your Psychology. Cuz look, we aren’t the Stepford Wives over here, am I right?

I have open enrolldment for my October LevelUP, online strength training program for women 40+ that is part DIY, part personal trainer in your back pocket. 

What sets my program apart from the gazillions out there??? You get my progressive overload strength training programming customized just for YOU with a hefty dose of accountability that is  required for success along with an ENTIRE OHANA (Ohana means family in Hawaiian) as your community, your support group, your entourage cheering you on! 

Want to know more? Ask away or schedule a free discovery call!


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