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What is the #MetabolicMakeover Bible?

One of the hardest parts about turning 40 and beyond is the slow creep up of weight gain that occurs despite our best efforts.

Eat less. Exercise more. And the scale goes up and up and up.

We are tired.
We experience bloating and belly fat.
We crave more sugar and wine.
We can’t sleep and we can’t figure out what to do.

As a 44 year old Honolulu-based in person and online trainer, I have struggled with a sluggish metabolism for the past 4 years after conquering my own extreme exercise and food restriction behaviors.

I get it.

I was dieting so hard for so long.
I was doing so much exercise that my husband joked that I trained like a professional athlete without the pay of one!

Despite all of that, the scale slowly crept up year after year.
I didn’t like the unusual belly fat that started to appear out of nowhere.
I was stressed because my clothes didn’t fit.
I was constantly fighting against sugar cravings.
I was always tired. And more tired than tired.
I was Frustrated. Overwhelmed. Unhappy.

And I see this happening over and over again when women apply to work with me. On my intake form, they all write this same sentence: “No matter what I do, I can’t seem to lose weight.”

When I made the leap to tune into the constant, subtle cues that my body was sending me, and really started to pay attention to my hunger, cravings and energy, I was forever changed.

Of course when first attempting to change, I was terrified to try anything else. So, I started slow, with small “nutritional and exercise tweaks” like one more glass of water here, extra protein there, swapping walking with one of my usual high intensity workouts–things that I never really thought about when I was fueled by chasing the number of the scale.

And TBH, I really didn’t think all of these small actions would matter. How could eating more, sleeping more and leisure walking (doing less of everything I was doing) be helpful for my metabolism and result in me losing weight?

But what ended up happening changed my mindset:
I started to slowly realize that I could handle these changes.
I started to really enjoy these new habits that required less of me.

By prioritizing my six tips in this guide:
My weight began to stabilize.
My metabolism started to shift.
My sugar cravings greatly reduced.
My energy picked up without loads of caffeine.

I started to trust this process because I was getting more by doing less…
More time.
More mental energy and clarity.
Better hormonal balance.
Improved mood.

But the catch was this: I would NOT have been able to get to that place had I not just MADE THE TRUSTING LEAP with no guarantee that I’d be okay.

So, friend, that is exactly why the #MetabolicMakeover Bible is called a “makeover” because I want to offer you a low-stakes opportunity to make the trusting leap like I did.

SIX ACTION STEPS to give yourself a low-risk chance to just see what this could be like, with a coach (me) accessible to you along the way.

And remember, if you hate it and if you don’t think it will work for you, your old way of dealing with your slowing metabolism and weight gain will always be there.

You can always go back to yo-yo dieting.
You can always return to restricting and bingeing.
You can also go back to over exercise as “damage control.”

But I’m very confident that you’ll see such a big change by implementing these six tips! If you give yourself over to this process, you’ll start to see that you truly can handle doing this in a balanced way and that going back to the old, miserable way of doing things simply isn’t an option anymore.

I’m here for you sister!

You in?

How the #MetabolicMakeover Bible Works:

This is a FREE PDF resource guide created by Lee-Ann, to help you start small anchor actions to *see* and *feel* how specific nutritional tweaks for women 40+ can assist you in weight loss and start to create a show of evidence that you can trust yourself to no longer rely on white knuckle diet tactics or use exercise as damage control because believe me when I say that we can never win a battle against our physiology and our psychology.

What Happens After You Sign Up: Once you sign up by completing this form, you will be automatically directed to my online schedule where you will book your FREE 20-minute nutrition audit with me. Once you book your nutrition audit, you will receive an email from me with my nutrition intake form called Moderation365. Please complete this intake form and email back to me at least 1 day prior to our phone call together. If you have issues or problems with the form, the scheduling or any of the above, please text me at (808) 256-3665 or email me at leeann.watanabe@gmail.com

Your PDF Download: Immediately after signing up for my #MetabolicMakeover Bible, you will receive and email from me with your PDF instant download. It is a 15 page nutrition resource guide that you will use as your “bible” to get your sluggish metabolism back on track!

Your Sharing & Community: Part of making this shift is to put yourself on the hook and start doing the things listed in this guide, which is why I’m a huge fan of public declaration. This part is optional, BUT real change happens when we share our process with others so I’ll be asking those who’d like to participate to share at least one nutritional tip per day on Instagram. You’ll share what #MetabolicMakeover tip you used, how doing that thing helped you and how you did. When you share this on Instagram, tag me @leeannwatanabe and use the hashtag #MetabolicMakeover. This will be like a 6-day online nutritional journal, showcasing your choices and solidifying your new way of doing things. I’ve done challenges like this in a past and it’s always been a blast to see everyone’s shares and trade tips and ideas. I promise it’s fun!


You in for the #MetabolicMakeover Bible?

The lowest risk way to start learning and implementing the #MetabolicMakeover principles designed for women 40+ so you can start learning that there is a sustainable, well-balanced and happy way (finally!) to keep your metabolism thriving no matter what age!

Get all the details after you enroll👇


I’m the founder of the #3M Method and #LevelUp, and I’ll be your coach and guide for the #MetabolicMakeover!

After doing extreme, obsessive dieting for two decades, my weight loss hit a wall. I turned 40 and my metabolism was shot. I was burned out from my eat less exercise more grind and I decided I wanted how to figure out how to eat and exercise normally, healthfully, forever. No swings, no binging, no depriving. No endless hours on the DREADmill.

And it was scary! Ha! After following dozens of restrictive diets and extreme exercise for over 20 years, I was deathly afraid to do anything else.

But after getting to the point of complete misery where food and fitness was my FULL TIME JOB, I knew something needed to change. The scale wouldn’t budge and each year, it only went up up up.

Over the course of 4 years, I slowly started to pay attention to my Hunger, my Energy and my Cravings. I started to track my monthly cycle and take notes about my symptoms. I started making small nutritional tweaks to my eating and slowly started to shift the eat less exercise more cycle. Through my own investigation, I was able to decipher the 6 nutritional actions that made the biggest impact to my metabolism. I stuck with these actions day in and day out as I experienced my body settling into a natural rhythm. I was no longer at war with my body.

The #MetabolicMakeover Bible was created out of my own investigation and journey which I went on to share with the women I serve; helping hundreds of women overcome their sluggish metabolisms so they can enjoy their lives, stress- and shame-free.

Now I’m inviting you to join me in taking this trusting leap!

It’s totally free, so this should be an easy YES since there truly is ZERO risk. I’m excited to see how you do!

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