If you’re struggling with motivation to eat better and exercise but aren’t sure where to begin…start with The 1/2/3 method.

My new year challenge is VERY SIMPLE and VERY EFFECTIVE! And as long as you don’t overcomplicate it, it works very, very well!

The 1 stands for 1 big ass salad (BAS) every day.

The 2 stands for 2 pieces of fruit every day.

And the 3 stands for 3 bottles of water every day.

Learn how to Build 3 Healthy Habits to Kickstart your Health & Fitness Goals in 2023!

Your FREE 1/2/3 Easy Fat Loss Challenge starts on January 2nd and runs through January 14th!

Secure your spot below for your chance to WIN a special Crazy Wahine Fitness Bundle FitBox!

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