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IT’S TIME.  I’ll be working with you up close and personal – helping you stay accountable, be consistent with food and fitness all the while loving the skin you are in. You will get stronger inside and out while FINALLY feeling in control of your healthy lifestyle.

Lee-Ann’s 3M Method & Mission: Mindset + Macros + Muscles

The 3M Method is a one-on-one coaching program created as my personal mission to prevent women from falling victim to the many quick-fix gimmick scams out there. My 3M Method is a sustainable approach to health, fitness, and body change. When we coach together, I will be your “right hand woman” giving you the tools for life-long success. It is my promise that you will get great, permanent results through consistency and customization as we will determine what what will work for YOU long-term. I only have a few spots open at any one time, so if you are finally ready to take back control of your health, fitness, and fat loss – apply now and you’ll have the opportunity to schedule a FREE Manifestation Call where we jump on the phone to chat about what’s best for you.


Okay Babe, it’s time to take the first step, just apply below!


Kristin N.

Lee-Ann has taught me to ditch diets & adjust my over exercising with her 3M Method.. It took months of practice; but now, I’m losing weight and it feels effortless. I’m not counting calories, I just stop eating when I’ve had enough. If I’m hungry, I eat. I crave healthy food. Don’t get me wrong, I still indulge in a piece of chocolate or a dessert here and there, and I do it without guilt because I know an occasional treat won’t derail me. I feel like my body is settling into where it’s supposed to be. Lee-Ann is so much more than an awesome personal trainer, she is my total wellness coach!

Diana G.

“I love that it’s customized for me and my needs, and that Lee-Ann makes adjustments that help me achieve my goals. I’m finally working out regularly and I feel myself getting stronger. It’s great to have accountability and someone I can talk to about my health challenges. As a coach myself, I value the high-quality coaching that Lee-Ann delivers. I resonate with Lee-Ann’s message about the importance of moderation and mindfulness in a health practice. I loved that she was willing to be flexible with me and my needs when circumstances changed with COVID. For me, this was key.

Nancy H.

“I hired Lee-Ann first for her accountability as I know I am not a self-starter. If I have to meet Lee-Ann and pay her, I’ll show up. I chose Lee-Ann after meeting her at her gym open house and I really connected with her energy, her training philosophy, her voice, her programming style, her ability to lead a group of all different abilities and ages – I knew right away she would have an excellent plan to help me accomplish my health and wellness goals as I head into my 70s.” Since starting with Lee-Ann, I’ve improved my consistency to keep moving daily and I’ve increased my stamina as I prepare to place in my age group at a local 5k race this year!”

Esther C.

“I began working with Lee-Ann because as a triathlon competitor, I knew I needed the strength and core training I was lacking in my day to day exercise. Lee-Ann’s private coaching sessions got me in tip-top shape for my first sprint triathlon. I do both in person training with Lee-Ann as well as her #LevelUP online program. I love that she offers a variety of services to suit my busy lifestyle. I enjoy having a customized schedule, the flexibility of my workouts, and the exercise video demos showing me what I have to do. I actually look forward to my workouts because they are challenging and have a really good flow. Although this is a virtual program, Lee-Ann provides daily personal attention through check-ins, and I am definitely seeing the results!”

Ken R.

“After 65 years of not taking great care of myself, I knew I needed to do better, so I reached out to my friend who referred Lee-Ann to me. I really enjoy Lee-Ann’s energy, we have a great time working hard and I feel better, have lost weight and even track my food because of Lee-Ann. As someone with shoulder and back surgery, my work with Lee-Ann has greatly strengthened my core, reduced my risk of injury and I even play a little better at golf. But most of all, I feel much better and I look forward to our weekly training sessions. As I head into 71, I am feeling just fine!”

Kim S.

“I hired a personal trainer because I did not have the time or energy to plan my work outs
I have known LeeAnn for a long time. I first met her when she was a cycling instructor at a local gym. LeeAnn is upbeat and motivating. After training with LeeAnn I have discovered what a kind, hardworking and strong woman she is. I have always been active starting with gymnastics as a young girl. I exercise now because it keeps me strong and I feel great.”

Misty B.

“From the age of 18-37, I had always worked out. Then at age of 37 I decided (work/life stressors definitely played a part) it was no longer worth the fight to try to stay in shape as it always seemed like a constant battle….because it is! At almost 40 years old, I decided I better get back in that battle. Because 3 years of not caring had really wreaked havoc with my body and mind. I was referred to Lee-Ann from my own clients who raved about her which scored points with me. Lee-Ann is just such an honest, good person that I almost can’t think of anyone that has a kinder heart than she does. She is always full of positive energy and a never give up spirit. We all need people like that in our life! I’m not a person like that, so is good for me to be around that type of person to keep me optimistic! And exercise is probably the main thing that can keep me from spiraling into a depressive state. Once you get into a depression it can be very hard to pull yourself out. Exercise keeps me from going there.”

Erin, Pam & Joanie

“Lee-Ann is committed and passionate about her work. Always goes the extra distance for her clients. A true treasure!”

Kelli K.

Aloha, I’m Lee-Ann

My 45 year life experience has made be a better coach and a better human. I know first hand how hard it is to start. I understand the struggle of pain and injury. I’ve walked the path of hopelessness and depression. I know what it’s like to hate your body so much that you shut out motherhood. I’ve lived through the darkness of still birth and tons of guilt and shame that followed.

I am not the life long thin woman who gained a bunch of weight after kids that with a little diet and exercise, bounced right back to my college weight.

I am not that “from kid time athletic chick” who fell out after college and with a 12-week program fit right back into my skinny jeans.

I was that little girl whose mom said “you have such a pretty face, if you just lost some weight…

I was that school girl who got teased for being bigger than everyone else…

I was that college kid who decided that I was only worthy of love if I was thin…

I was that working professional who spent over 2 decades chasing thinness at all costs with repercussions for sure….

And NOW, I AM that 45 year old woman who has realized that you worth is not reflected by your weight; by a size or what you think you see in the mirror. But TBH, it took a fucking long time to get here.

It is my mission to help women 40+ break the same cycle I have lived. I am dedicated to helping women prioritize BALANCED exercise and BALANCED nutrition so that they can experience the break through I have made. This is not about a body size or scale weight. This is about the journey of living your best life in the strongest mind and body you can achieve. With a strong will and a solid plan, everything is possible!

Let’s take the next step together!

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