her story resonated with me on a personal level

I opened my phone this morning and found a great text message from a client of mine that’s been struggling with over exercise and food restriction for about 20 years. She recently read THIS post of mine and it made her realize just how far she’s come from days of white knuckling and deprivation to eating mindfully and moderately with enjoyment. 

Before starting my #LevelUP program she bounced around from diet to diet, losing and gaining the same #weight. When she signed up for my coaching, she told me that following a dieting was easy whereas maintaining the weight loss was hard.

Throughout our 7 weeks of #Moderation365 nutritional coaching, she realized that diets were not sustainable or healthy, and that eliminating food groups or relying on packaged shakes and meals always led to over indulgence, guilt and shame.  

We have been coaching together for 7 months now and her clothes are fitting better; she’s hitting her strength personal bests in the gym; her energy is balanced to keep up with her career and household and she’s found herself being more mindful and aware of her hunger and cravings listening to her body’s cues (this is a HUGE win)! 

Here’s the text she sent me: 

Her story resonated with me on a personal level because even as a personal trainer/health coach I struggled with yo-yo dieting, bingeing/restricting, and wrapping my self-worth and self-esteem into the number that appeared on the scale. 

We all have a story and have our own struggles…

I’ve spent many years working through my issues and it has a lot to do with what inspired me to start my business. I never realized how much crash dieting would impact my mindset, hormones, and self-esteem. If I could do it all over again I would have approached my goals very differently and this is one of the reasons why I am so passionate about helping other women.

It feels good to be on the other side of all of this and now helping many other women develop their forever food and fitness plan (#musclesandmoderation). And YES! There is a sustainable and healthy way to lose weight, build confidence, and lasting health and happiness without suffering.

Thank you all for being about of my tribe!

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